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    Placed an order on the 17th at 3:30pm. Found out about the rebate fiasco on thursday, called them that morning to separete the rebate and phone, told me it will ship that day. Called This morning, still hasnt shipped!!

    What the F*ck is going on???

    Anybody with the same experience??
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    Mine has not shipped either. Ordered it 11am Wednesday morning. The idiots attached the rebate form even though I told them not too so it didn't ship. Wednesday afternoon I had them separate the rebate form. Yesterday it did not ship all day and sat in allocated status.

    I am about to just order another phone.
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    Actually, I imagine the thing even stupider is that a piece of paper would hold up a multi-hundred dollar shipment. I mean, how can they be out of rebate forms? No one has a copier over there?

    Fortunately, I didn't even inquire about the rebate. If I get one, I'll deal with it after the phone arrives today.
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    Called again. The phone has not shipped. Rep. said UPS usually picks up at 11:00am, probably will not go out till monday. If i do not recieve this phone next week. I'll be snapping someones neck.!!!!
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    Same deal here. Ordered Wed. and phone hipped out last night. Tracking says from Louisville now in Brooklyn won't be in my hands until Monday.
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    hmmm. ordered yesterday morning, no rebate. it's on the truck for delivery as we speak, due within the hour (or so).
    when i spoke with sprint cs, they said they have a definite 11 am pickup and ocassional 5 pm pickup. don't trust what they say regarding the tracking number, though. last night they said it missed both pickups, but this am it was on the truck (info discovered through someone's amazing tip on retrieving ups tracking #s with one's order #). so check alternate information routes. don't rely on what sprint says 100%.
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    Uhhhh, that's stupid... why doesn't Sprint just link to a PDF or something? Then they don't even have to worry about paper, and all it costs is the bits to send the data.
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    Ordered mine Wednesday at 2:25pm. Was "picked" from inventory but not shipped that night. Shipped on Thursday and delivered to my house at 10am this morning. I can't wait to go home!!! I heard you have to order before 12pm EST to get shipped out that same day.
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    I am about to lose it. I have just talked to the 100th rep and of course the freaking thing has not shipped. Ordered 11am on Wednesday. It has not been "picked" but not shipped.

    Had only a moment of excitement earlier when the rep called me and proudly told me it shipped and gave me a tracking #. When I checked the # I was dismayed to find it said already delivered in TEXAS (I live in MO). Called back and found out the rep gave the tracking people the wrong order number. It figures.

    I should have just ordered again Wednesday when I felt something wasn't right. I would have had it yesterday for God's sake.

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