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    I'm getting my T650 from Vienna Channels... someday.... Now that everyone else has there phones, where is the best place to get the accessories?

    Good Luck.
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    I'm still waiting to receive word that my Treo 650 is being shipped....slightly disappointed with the V-Channel folks. Since the "shows" were Palm based, I figured that i would be among the first to get my 650 shipped. A Sprint 650 is a Sprint 650...whether from Palm or Sprint. After I get the "shipped" notification, then I'll purchase the extra stuff.
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    There are two stores on ebay:

    Dans cellular accesories
    PDA and Cellular accessories

    Most of my orders are through Dan, but he doesn't have the Sync&Charge cable or the battery extender, so I ordered those through the other store. For items that those stores don't have, I would order through TreoCentral.

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