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    Quote Originally Posted by skfny
    My wife attended the NY Road Show and said the 650 is such an upgrade over the 600 that she recommends I get it.
    what time did you go to the show? I was sitting all the way in the back. I saw a few couples and I was thinking I should had dragged my girl there too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cgordonn
    I feel pretty lucky compared to some of the other members. I dont smoke, dont drink, dont gamble and have no other vices besides my "gadgetry". My wife has always known this and understands. She also knows I will research and shop around for the best possible price on every gadget I purchase. When I told her about the roadshow and the price I could get the 650 at for just attending, she was like..."why are you telling me"... God I love this woman!

    Good for you Chris!

    My husband is too laid back to really care. Plus we have separate checking accounts.
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