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    I received my G2 last night from ecost. I tried the headset on, read the manual, and am completely puzzled when it comes to putting the thing on my ear so that it doesn't move around and fall off. How much success have you had?
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    get some jabra replacement eargels. They fit perfectlt on the device & my ear. They also boost the volume considerably. Only $3 on amazon too!
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    Yeah, the G2 headset sucks, IMO. The triangular shaped earpiece doesn't stay in my ear and I have to be completely still if I don't want it to fall off.
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    The G2 fit is not THAT bad...although I can't go jogging with the headset on.

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    You can go jogging with them indeed! Can't you guys read? Go to purchae Jabra eargels & affix them to your g2 headset. It will make this headset go from zero to hero! It makes volume louder & you can shake your head like a madman & it won't come out. Click here!

    PS These should work on many bluetooth headsets
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    The G2 pictures I've seen, and the G2 I've tested had a conical rubber tube that is to go in the ear. See

    However, I was at Fry's Electronics in the SF Bay Area last week, and saw a "black" G2 that had a metal headset on it, that looked like the "ear bud" you'd find on an iPod headset. It mounted from the center, however.

    It was called a G2 as I recall, not the fabled G3.

    Any 411 on this?
    Bill Petro
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    Hey treoneo, do you have the silver G2 headset (as shown on BillPetro's link) or the black one (the newer G2 model)? I know they both have a different earpiece as Bill mentioned. I tried them both and the black one fits much better in the ear. I just want to make sure the eargels you bought fits fine on the silver G2 model.
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    Where can I buy this black "ear bud" G2? I can't find it on the web anywhere. It looks like it would take the Jabra eargels (which I love) but the older silver or blue G2 would not.

    Bill Petro
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    The black G2 I was referring to is the one you saw at Fry's. That's the one with the better fitting earpiece.
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    TR30, where did you find the new black "ear bud" G2?

    Bill Petro

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