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    If you haven't tried Yahoo's PIM/mail functions, check it out. There is a free Intellisync client that will sync your PIM data to Yahoo (instead of Palm Desktop), which is also free when getting an email account.,62bc5b/?v=120&pv=61

    It's great with the Yahoo toolbar ( as you can have quick access to the Yahoo PIM tools and email. Sending email from your contacts is also great. If at a public Net terminal or at a friends, you can access your info from another PC. Your data is also backed up by Yahoo if you don't back up your PC. I've read they are working on a wireless sync so that you can sync to Yahoo PIM functions from your Treo wirelessly.

    While there are a few limitations, I prefer it much more than Palm Desktop.

    Check it out.
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    Xeno! Hey, I've messing with this program for the past month and it won't work. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it turns out you need to uninstall your Palm Hotsync program to even install this program correctly. I think this is great. I am DYING to find some way to post my Calendar online however, I prefer to input using Palms Datebook and not Yahoo's online datebook. I think I"m s*** out of luck.
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    You don't need to uninstall the Palm Hotsync. You can still point to Palm Desktop address book and use Yahoo for other PIM functions if you want.

    It should be a pretty straight forward install. You do have to run the Yahoo setup and point what you want to Yahoo vs. Palm Desktop. You also must supply your Yahoo account id/pw into the setup program.

    Another cool thing is that my PocketPC and Zodiac 2 (Palm) also sync to the same data on Yahoo. Pretty slick to have 3 devices syncing to the same data.
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    More tips...

    You can access your Yahoo mail, PIM and many My Yahoo functions from Blazer at I lost my memory on the road once and realized I could still get to my contacts and calendar from the web browser because it was synced to Yahoo.

    Yahoo mail also of course has POP3 for SnapperMail access but you must be a paid subscriber. All the above Yahoo functions are free except for POP3. With gmail competing, maybe Yahoo will offer free POP.
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    I've been using Intellisync for Yahoo! for years now with my old Visor and now with my Treo 600. WHen it works, it's pretty damn cool. The problem is that the program is buggy and occassionally loses track of what it has and hasn't synced, wanting to dupliacate all entries in a catogory or something. It's not common, but it has happend to me on more than one instance.
    I just wish it was more robust, but it is really cool and it's one reason I use Yahoo.
    Just be careful before you start hotsyncing. Download your address book from Yahoo and do a backup of your Treo to your SD card before you embark upon this in case it goes awry.
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    Taylor, do you have the latest version that came out a few months ago? I've only been using about 4 months but have not lost any data. I have notes and address book entries back to '95 when Palm Pilot first came out. It's an Intellisync product afterall so should have same reliability to say, Outlook or other PIMs.

    I do still sync to Palm Desktop once in a while. You just simply tell the Intellisync config to use Palm Desktop for just the next sync.

    Looking forward to wireless syncing. And like I said before, it's great to sync my Zodiac, PocketPC and Treo to the same PIM database.

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