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    I know its early, but was wondering if anyone had tried the eval version of Movian VPN? I guess the bigger question is if it really came on the CD like the support page said that it would.
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    nope - they don't have one on the CD. I've been working with Mergic (the same version that I was using on the 600) without any problems.
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    It is probably because, as of October, Movian stopped shipping their VPN client to end users. They are moving to a model where vendors buy the SDK from them, and pay them royalties for shipping their custom version with hardware.
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    wbarker, or anyone else... any luck using Mergic with OSX?
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    I thought it was to good to be true... I got an e-mail from Certicom about a month ago saying that the only way to get the vpn client now is to bug P1 into making their owne with the SDK. Then when I saw on the Treo 650 support page that the CD would come with an eval client I thought maybe P1 and Certicom had worked something out (thats what I wanted to think anyway). I wish that I could use the Mergic client, but I need IPSEC support. I guess I'm out of luck... Sucks to because of the new vpn support that P1 put into the 650...
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    I'm running MergicVPN on my Treo 650. It connects and I can verify the IP/DNS via the log, but Blazer won't work. The main reason I use VPN is to reach restricted web-based resources on campus. PPTP is fine for me (versus IPSEC).

    Are you folks using only e-mail with VPN...or does Blazer work for you? Anobody having similar trouble with Blazer + VPN? Or any suggestions to fix?

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    I swear I saw the VPN software on the "extra" software page on the CD. I will check tonight when i get back home.

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    They mentioned at the Boston roadshow that an IPsec client was coming but not available yet.

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