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    I've recently purchased an SD card road atlas for my Treo 600, and whenver I insert the card, or am lucky enough to be able to browse it and try to RUN the software, it reboots. I tried the card on a Tungsten T as well, with the same result (though it gave an error first, about missing some sort of library). The card didn't come with any sort of supplemental CD-ROM installer, or anything -- just the card. Is there a chance the card is defective? Has anyone successfully used this card with their phone?
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    From the Handmark site:

    To correct this problem, you need to download an updated version of the RoadAtlas.prc file available here:

    To install this file, remove the Road Atlas card from your device, delete the current Road Atlas application, install the latest version of the RoadAtlas.prc and then reinsert the card.

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