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    Sorry if this has been asked before... but I really need to know.....
    I don't need it to be as a bluetooth dial up modem..... just using cable is OK to me....
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    When June Fabrics updates their software for it. Until then SOL without bluetooth DUN profile.

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    HEre it is..

    It says 'coming soon with bluetooth support' but also works over the Hotsync cable.
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    I'm not a customer, but take that Sprint! What the corporate exec's taketh away, the enterprising, motivated, entrepreneur giveth right back!

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    Quote Originally Posted by xenophonite
    HEre it is..

    It says 'coming soon with bluetooth support' but also works over the Hotsync cable.
    Clearly DUN is disabled on the Treo 650...but I thought Sprint said they would be issuing a patch for it. PDANet is surely going to beat Sprint to the task...but does anybody have any info (beyond speculation or rumor) when Sprint will issue a patch to enable DUN via bluetooth?

    (I'm assuming that the answer is currently "nobody knows. probably not for weeks/months" but thought I'd ask just in case somebody had a nugget to share )
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    Hey guys,

    I haven't gotten around to getting a bluetooth adapter for my laptop, but I'd like to use the 650 as a modem for my laptop. I've been messing around with it for awhile, but I can't seem to get it to work. Can I use the treo as a modem via the USB sync cable? If so, what do I need to do?


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    PdaNet is the app your looking for.
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    Does this work on the 650? The stuff I found is only for the 600. I'm sure I'm not the only one suprised by the need for fairly expensive 3rd party software to make this work....

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    Yes, this works from the 650 with the beta PDANet. You can also get it to work with the BlueTooth hack and setting up diaup networking in Windows instead of PDANet.
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    Hmm...I tried the Bluetooth hack and enabled dialup networking. After I do this can I use the cable to use the phone as a modem? I wasn't able to get windows to find it as a modem. What am I missing?

    Thanks guys!
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    Read the second thread under the Treo 650 Hardware forum ... "Dial Up Networking For Sprint - HACKED!"
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    Quote Originally Posted by BubbaHooska
    Read the second thread under the Treo 650 Hardware forum ... "Dial Up Networking For Sprint - HACKED!"
    Isn't that only for access through the bluetooth though ?
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    My thoughts exactly. I went through that thread, but I didn't see anything that walked through how to set up a connection through the usb cable. I did the bluetooth hack and turned on DUN, but I still wasn't able to add my phone as a modem in Windows. How do I get Windows to see my Treo as a modem?

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    Up to this point pdanet has cornered the market on the usb cable solution. We went through this with the 600 and pdanet emerged as the first and only solution for windows pc's (another free hack was created by someone for macs). It's amazing we can get BT to work but not a cable version!
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    is there anything to do this on a macintosh?
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    WirelessModem from Scott Gruby @ (look for Palm apps). Note that this currently does NOT work on the T650 (some change in USB stuff), but does work on the T600.
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    Is this possible with Bluetooh? I read that this feature was locked because Cingular disabled the DUNN profile in the phone. Will this work with an unlocked phone from Palmone that I set up Cingular service after the fact?

    I will be buying three treo's within a week for my firm. I would like to be able to access the web with my laptop and use the treo 650 as my modem. This way I can access our server and show the client some financials etc.

    I appreciate your assistance.
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    Yes. DUN is enabled in the unlocked GSM phones - it's only the Cingular-branded phones that come with it disabled.
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    I use a program called PDANet to do this on my AT&T Wireless (now Cingular) Treo 650. It works very well. I use a Bluetooth dongle on my laptop. It's nice not to need a cable when connecting this way. BT DUN is not necessary if you use PDANet. I had tried a Shadowmite hack before, but it wasn't very stable on my phone.
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    To what does the Cingular Treo connect to establish an internet connection for the laptop? Is there a Cingular specific number (like Sprint's vision) or do you have to dial a regular dial-up ISP?
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