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    I use the most basic functions of the Treo 600 -- Contacts, Phone, Tasks, SMS, Memo Pad, Datebook and a few others.

    I also use the e-mail quite a bit:

    The regular Mail application that downloads my e-mail from Outlook and puts it on my Treo and then sends my replies on my next Hotsync; and

    The built in e-mail that came on my Treo (oddly, also titled Mail) that will wirelessly retrieve my e-mail from my web based account and put it on my Treo, allowing me to reply to e-mails while on the road.

    I'd like to see a launcher that will automatically be the first screen that pops up, and shows the number of each of the following: voicemails, missed calls, Tasks, SMS messages, things on the Memo pad, and Datebook appointments for the day. Ideally, I could used the navigation pad to open each of these programs from that main screen. I know about Wassup, Today, LauncherX, and such, but I can't tell if these will support both Mail programs described above and voicemails.

    Thanks in advance for any advice.
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    I also am a basic user of my Treo 600 and didn't need anything overcomplicated. I highly recommend "2day" by ShSh ( Based on your needs-description I can highlight the following summary explanation but I suggest you surf this site and the above link for more 2day.

    Alert Icons: 2day will not immediately reveal the volume of messages/alerts you have unfortunately - BUT - it will breakdown the volume for you when you select the alert icon. For example, I also use the PalmOne email app and have 3 accounts within it. If I have 8 emails in the first email account (work), 2 in the second (personal), and 1 in the third account (Yahoo or whatever), 2day will reveal only one email icon but when I navigate over using the 5-way, and click on that email alert icon, it breaks down the volume as I've indicated above. You can then select the email account you wish to go from that dropdown list. HUGE convenience in my opinion. Same stands true with the voice-memos. SMS and voicemail same as above but only deals with single source account as far as I know. Not sure about IM alert icons but I'd have to assume its similar.

    Meetings and to-dos: automatically pulls in any meetings or to-dos into the display format that you can configure/customize. Flexible and easy rules to setup for preferences. I actually use 2day to build most of my meetings and to-dos and rarely need to use the calendar and to-do app. But if I do, I've configured 2day to simply open the corresponding app to further edit a meeting or todo (Calendar and ToDo2 respectively).

    Launcher will support your 5 favorite apps in the order of your choice. Plugins now available including weather forecast (4cast) and stock report (4stocks) to name two. And you can make 2day appear as one of your "main screens" by assigning it to one of your hard-buttons (calendar) while keeping whatever app you currently have assigned to that button appear on the second push of the button.

    More info/explanation if you need it. Surf, get others' opinions and demo it.
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