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    The 650 dial screen includes an envelope icon that indicates how many unread messages are in VersaMail. I am leaning to using SnapperMail instead of VersaMail and was wondering if there is a way to have the email icon on the dial screen reference SnapperMail instead of VersaMail?

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    Ditto for the "Agenda" view for the built in datebook, which is very cool, but only seems to display email status from versamail, which is a real bummer. I've been using today 2.2 lately, which also doesn't seem to want to show email status from snapper.

    Also, any idea if there is some way we can just get versamail off the device? I prefer snapper, and will probably never touch versamail. With the limited space on the device, it'd be nice to be able to get rid of any unneeded cruft..
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    I would consider using VersaMail instead, but it seems to not work as well with Exchange using IMAP (I don't want to use ActiveSync). It does not seem to properly sync unread/read emails with my Exchange Inbox. I also have yet to get it to delete emails on the Exchange server when deleted on the 650.

    All of this works well on SnapperMail 2.1.

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    I set up my IMAP account and played for all of 5 minutes. I did notice the unread/read issue as well as not seeming to delete everything from the server that I expected it to. Plus, it doesn't seem to have the card-storage options that snapper does, which i absolutely love.
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    Chatter i know shows up on the phone screen but not the agenda. Anyone know if snappermail does. I really like this integration into the 650.

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