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    Is the vibrate any stronger? Are the ringtones louder as rumored?
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    Ok, so I just sat here for the last 5 minutes comparing vibrates between my 600 and 650. The 650 seems...well, a little different. Not much stronger, but it feels like the vibrating motor piece thingie (real technical eh?) is maybe in a slightly different area of the phone. It doesn't feel quite as wimpy, but it's certainly not real strong.

    There are some new ringtones, and some of them are definately louder - some seem to increase in volume as they repeat? (Recorded this way, not like phone technicians funky ringer where you can adjust it). Some actually sound sort of crackly, or clippy.

    One neet thing I did find, if you go into the ringtone manager there is an option to create a new ringtone. It allows you to record up to a minute through the built in mic. Sorta cool. Think i'm going to make one to use as an alarm int he morning, something to the effect of me screaming "WAKE THE **** UP ****HEAD!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by cstorer
    "WAKE THE **** UP ****HEAD!"
    You're my new best friend.

    Latest moBlog shot:
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    Quote Originally Posted by cstorer
    "WAKE THE **** UP ****HEAD!"

    Send it to me. If I ever have to wake up for a flight or something, nothing like a strange voice to make you jump out of bed and collect your bearings.
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    Ringtones seem plenty loud. The vibrate is nothing special...I didn't own a Treo 600, but I can tell you that the vibrate is on the weak side. Okay for a silent notification of a call (e.g., in a meeting or something). But probably not something you'd definitely notice with the phone in your pocket while your walking down the street.
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    Pardon my ignorance but can the Treo 650 use MP3s for ringtones?
    How about SMS notifications? Are these customisable as well.

    Any software to set ringing profiles for the ringtones and SMS notifications?

    Thanks a million!
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    The 650 has three types of ringtone built-in:

    1. Regular polyphonic MIDI riingtones using an FM synth (rather than wavetable synth)
    2. Record your own in the ringtone manager (relatively low quality but good compression on the recording to keep em small)
    3. The surprise - you can install WAVs and use these as ringtones. Drag 'em into the installer. This is not documented but it works great.
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    i dont see an easy way to assign ringers to individuals. isnt there a way to do that in this new interface. since i see Caller ID image and Birthday i figured there would be something to choose a custom ringer. no?
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    mwomwom: How did you send over / select a wav for a ringer? Everytime I try to send over a .wav file, it sends it to my SD card (and I can't select it from the ringer list) and it won't let me send it to the onboard memory instead.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cstorer
    Think i'm going to make one to use as an alarm in the morning, something to the effect of me screaming "WAKE THE **** UP ****HEAD!"
    Funny... that's pretty close to the note I have on my Bob'sAlarm special alarm I use when I have to get up.


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