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    where oh where is my phone? it's sitting in a warehouse somewhere - why don't they ship it. i'm convinced that something is wrong with my order and that it will never ship, but i have been assured by many reps and supervisors that everything is as it should be.

    i ordered about 11am yesterday and found out late yesterday they attached that damn rebate form (which i told them i didn't need or want) which of course is backordered. so it didn't go out yesterday. but all today it had a status of "allocated". i don't understand why it wouldn't ship out today.

    i've been told, it's backordered, i have no order, i have no shipping address so it will never be shipped, and now that it's stuck in allocated . . . but that is just normal - "sometimes it takes 2-3 days to ship out".


    please, someone else tell me you are having this same problem so i know i am not the only one screwed.
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    It seems to me that the insides of sprint is run by feces throwing monkeys. They seriously cannot get anything straight. Between incompetent CSRs, bad telesales, poor shipping promises, bad inventory and more it's a wonder why they have all these customers. Yes I like the network, services and pricing, but man the rest just plain stinks. They did the exact same thing to me as you stated above. Ordred, sure overnight no problem, called last night no tracking-asked to separate from rebate form, called back later last night no tracking-asked again to separate, called this morning, no tracking - backordered because of damned forms for rebate, seperated the orders officially and allocated to ship, called at the end of their day and still allocated not shipped. WTF!?


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