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    How I would love to have a profiling app for my Treo that understood time of day? Does it exist? Perhaps it does already.
    Nokias have this feature - you set the profile by time of day and by day of the week.

    You set the phone to go into a quiet profile at night time from 10pm to 6am every night except Saturday when you are out on the town.

    Another usage - you could have the profile app be smart enough to look at your calendar and to move in an out of profiles based on what you are doing. During meetings, you go into quiter profile. Outside of meetings you go back to weekday normal level. During your commute time, the levels could be increased to compensate for traffic noise. There are many situational possibilities.
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    "Profiles" aka "Simple Profile Manager" version 0.26 by Milan Votava. He visits TreoCentral. Find it at PalmGear at:
    Bill Petro
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    The Treo truly excels in this area BrightCam, Profiles, CallFilter... check out my post for an example setup.
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