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    I have just received a refurbished unit that replaced my original Treo600. Problem is, when I try to initially hotsync, the screen asks for my handheld password. I don't have a G###### password, or didn't set one. But someone did. *******.

    Question is, how do I override it? I have filez. Seems the system isn't totally locked, just when I hotsync or try to change the owner setting. No password, thus no hotsync and no new owner info!

    How on earth can i learn the password on this thing or find the system file to destroy so i can then hotsync. Argg!!
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    doesnt hard reset clear that?
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    Yeah do a hard reset
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    Hmmm....can't remember if I hard reset the thing. I have a SDCard and backup program. If I backup, do you think when i restore, the lock will be placed back on(supposing that the hard reset knocked the lock off)? Will try nonetheless. What the hey.
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    Nope. I backed up and did a hard reset and restored. Owner info STILL locked. Ugh!

    You know, come to think of it, I restored from my SD card once I got the refurbished unit. And I cannot remember ever locking the old unit's owner info. But it would suggest that even the old unit's owner info was locked if the refurbished one is locked(since I restored from the old unit to the refurb).

    I guess now I wonder how I can dig into the system files to delete any password. I cannot simply hard reset. There is too much data I will lose. What on earth is possible?? I need to hot sync. Any ideas?
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    after the hard reset, dont restore? btw, how are u hard reseting?

    you can always drain the battery.
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