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    I'm using PDANet on Verizon and I'm wondering just how much data I can eat up before Verizon gets pissed and does something about it.

    I have a real-time data feed from my stock brokerage that feeds into a trading program on my laptop. The bandwidth isn't huge, I'm tracking only about 100 - 200 symbols in real-time, but I'm wondering how long I could leave this running using PDANet before something "bad" happens like Verizon turns off my phone.

    Does anyone use PDANet to stream data over long periods of time? Have you been called on it by your carrier?

    Thanks for any info!
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    Since June I have been using my phone as a modem for my home computer through Verizon. First with my Kyocera 7135 and then using PDANet for the Treo 600. This is my only connection to the Internet. I have the $44.95 unlimited data plan and I average about 75 to 80 Megabytes of data a month. I specifically told the sales rep at the store when I purchased the plan what my intentions were and he stated that unlimited means unlimited and that I would have no problem. To date I have not heard anything from Verizon regarding the volume of data that I have been using.

    YMMV though depending on your location.
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    Wonderful! It sounds like I can try it without worrying too much.

    Thanks so much for replying!
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    Same issues. My data connection is always on (snappermail) and I use PDANet with my notebook quite a bit during the day. I don't have specific MB usage, but it is enough.

    I got my Treo the day they released it to business customers and never got a complaint about my data usage.


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