I know, early in the game still. But has anyone ever seen the amount of excitement over any phone offering? And not just at the TreoNuts sites, but on web logs, in the press and so on.

Thousands of units apparantly already shipped, a lot more on order for delivery soon and all for a phone that is not listed on Sprint's web site or in any store yet!

If Sprint/P1 has enough of these oh hand, I have little doubt that it will break whatever record there might be for sales of a new high-end phone (I know, hard to quantify,to me "high end" its a phone that today would cost over $300) and most certainly for what would be considered a "smart phone."

Things that could mess it up. A lot of early bugs or QC problems and, worst of all for me, lack of supply.

I do think a mistake has been made with the ViennaChannels deal. The whole idea behind a promotion like that is to get the phones into the hands of decision makers ASAP so they can start evaluating the thing. If it takes a month or so longer for the VC group to get the phones, then they are missing out on a good part of the reason to do the deal in the first place.

Ah, well, the price is still great