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    Do I need to link my Mac PowerBook to my Treo 650 as a Mobile Phone or Other device via the BT assistant?

    And I assume Mark Space is still the recommended software for iSync iCal, etc?
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    With my current Bluetooth phone (not a Treo), I use iSync to do over-the-air syncing with the phone, and I use the regular Network Preferences to set up the phone as a modem (BT DUN connection to the phone, GPRS connection to my carrier's towers).

    The same modem connection process should work with the Treo 650, but there has been mention in several places that wireless syncing with Bluetooth is not supported on the Mac with the 650. If this is true, it's not clear whether this is an issue with the Bluetooth hardware/profiles on the device itself, or simply that Apple hasn't added support for the Treo 650 to iSync yet.

    Perhaps someone with a Sprint 650 and a Mac with Bluetooth can give this a try and let us know...
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    I didn't look at these until after I posted - the PalmOne site mentions the Treo 650 as a device that can be synced with a Mac using Bluetooth. That would imply that the existing Palm BT sync profile included in iSync will work with the Palm Desktop that ships with the Treo 650. That would be fantastic if it's true. Can someone give this a try?

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