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    For anyone that has gotten a 650, I'd love to hear from you as to how it fits in cases purchased for the 600. I know the differences are minimal, but I'm just curious how the fit is? I'm especially interested in the Krusell case.
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    I know the 600 fits in my 650 case quite nicely. I presume it works the other way around.
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    I heard the Covertec cases for the 600 work on the 650, so I ordered my Covertec for my (future) 650 this morning.
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    I'd like to hear about the proporta aluminum case. Does the new button on the 650's side match up with slot in the case?
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    I have vaja with cover, vaja ivolution, belajio, the case the treo came with (can you really call that a case?) and the 'handspring' case. ALL of them push on that extra button- other than that they fit fine (they all cover the microphone too.)

    ...bellagio (with flip cover) seems like it's gonna protect it the best till i get a real case - and at least i can access the head set jack and the entire screen and the home and menu key unlike the vaja with flip. also i can sync & charge in that case)

    need to definitely get one to fit this one- doubt other 600 cases will be much better.

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