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    ToDo2 is now updated with 5-way nav (it always had alarm features). In my search for a simple to-do app that had alarms and 5-way nav, the closest thing I could find was ToDo2. While I prefer the interface and usability of ToDoNow and ToDoPlus versus ToDo2, neither had alarms AND 5-way nav. I contacted each of the developers to offer enhancement requests and Johnny of ToDo2 was the most responsive. So after a bit of back and forth, I believe his app is now very usable to all who seek an effective and simple to-do app. The 5-way isn't perfect yet but some 5-way is better then no 5-way, eh? or on PalmGear at
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    Does anyone know if this will work with the 700p?
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    It barely matters now that the new ToDo (aka Task) application on the Treo 700p has alarms!! Its about time they added that feature. But to answer your question as directly as possible, I don't know.
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