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    Working: EReader Pro, Bejeweled, Landware's Shanghai 1.1, and Wassup 1.4.4.

    Thanks for all your help!
    Larry Z.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fittske
    At this time Callfilter does not work on the 650. I have contacted the developer and he said he would have an update as soon as he gets his hands on a 650. Unfortunately he is a GSM user so it may be after the first of the year before we have an update.
    Call Filter is working on my 650.
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    Anyone try Vindigo?
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    Mapopolis support (Lamar) has posted a fix for the Treo 650 on the gpspassion forums. It is listed under "Questions". Seems to be working good here.

    Just waiting on JAVA and a voice memo recording app.
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    Also the Pro Clip for the 600 fits the Treo 650.
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    may be obvious, but you can beam your Phone Call Log & bookmarks from your 600.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jasparks
    Anyone try Vindigo?
    I have not had any luck with it updating....
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    Working apps

    Beyond Contacts 3.007, you need to update for 5 way compatability. (Free)
    Bible Reader+ from olive tree 3.52 F107. (you can store bibles on sd card with no prob)
    Card Export 2.16.686
    Documents to Go 7.002 build 829(free update online after you register)
    MMplayer 0.2.11
    Aces no limit Holdem
    Perfect Pitch guitar tuner 1.0 build 3
    pocket tunes
    voice dial (this app is great once you turn off all the prompts under settings - very

    Memory Issue: Some notes, if you don't want to use voice dial to dial and you have tons of records in your contact list. just use beyond contacts and don't sync to the palm crappy software. It will definitely keep you sqaure until a fix and it is a great program that updates free a lot!
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    Quote Originally Posted by kansascity
    Where do you find "voicedial" app? (I have had my 650 since Thursday and I am very happy that I made the upgrade).
    browse the cd that came with your treo. It is a trial version.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lawgiver1718
    Beyond Contacts 3.007, you need to update for 5 way compatability. (Free)
    how does it do picking up the native address book also? I know that I had that function on the T600?

    also, anybody try KeySuite?

    how about the new PocketMirror XT that is supposed to work on the T5 and T650?
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    You go to the settings in the hot sync manager and there is a contact tab that you can have it sync with the contacts list for Beyond Contacts.

    I am reluctant to say this, but it seemed to me when i synced it using that feature it did not take up as much space. I have 825 contacts and all that is mentioned above on my treo and still have 7.5 meg left.
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    SilverScreen works, but freezes often
    KeyCaps works perfectly
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    Also, as mentioned in another thred, IR is not working properly. Beam seems to take 10 tries before it finally works.
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    Quote Originally Posted by speclcajun
    Call Filter is working on my 650.

    What version of callfilter are you using?
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    Quote Originally Posted by mikec
    Agendus does not work?

    Say it ain't so.

    I literally would not upgrade to the 650 if it won't run Agendus.
    Just check this from the Iambic forums:

    Yes, we have tested Agendus (8.06) on our Treo650 simulators with no major issues found."

    Yes....we are all set!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fittske
    You can use Hi-Launcher with out the stylus. When you go to select a app/program insted of pressing the center button to select, you have to press the nav pad to the left. So highlight the app and select it by pressing to the left.
    Thanks for the tip! I think you meant pressing to the right... at least that's what I have to do. Pressing left just backs me up in the launch menu. Mine is set to launch on the left side of the screen, perhaps it's different if the menu appears in a different place? Thanks for the tip, however. I hope the author will fix it to launch on nav press, but at this point it works with minimal effort... just different than how I did it on the 600.
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    Quote Originally Posted by roblog
    Mapopolis support (Lamar) has posted a fix for the Treo 650 on the gpspassion forums. It is listed under "Questions". Seems to be working good here.

    Just waiting on JAVA and a voice memo recording app.
    If you are interested, SoundRec works fine on my 650... and it's free!
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    MeetingPoint? (free Bluetooth contacting application)

    Can somebody test if works this app?
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    The password manager, 3nity v1.41T, works very well. And it looks great in high-rez.
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    The list has been updated...

    Take care,
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