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    Not really a softwear compatibity issue, but...have switched from 600 to 650 and find that native treo apps and Goodlink take up all available memory. What can I use to launch apps from the memory card. Especially need Avantgo, and treo utilities?
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    noah pro : OK, don't like it though
    pocketlingo: OK, good thesarus and dictionary.
    arvale: journey of illusion: OK, fun RPG
    palm prices: OK
    biblereader ( OK, needs more dpad work though.
    greek flash card: OK
    hebrew flash card: OK
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    Quote Originally Posted by craigdts
    arvale: journey of illusion: OK, fun RPG
    Really? This works on your Treo 650? It kept soft resetting mine.
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    I have reinstalled the latest version of PrintBoy 6.03 from Bachmann Software, and so far it seems to be working. I had resets earlier, but I did a hard reset, reinstalled my basic apps, and all is ok.
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    Just FYI, Datemate 2005 was just released, and it's not exploding on my 650 the way 2004 was. (my 2004 regkey worked with 2005, so I guess it's a free upgrade)
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    Snappermail Enterprise v2.04.01 working well so far.
    Palm III -> Palm V -> Blue Palm Vx w/Omnisky -> Treo 270 -> Treo 600 -> Treo 650 -> Treo 680
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    I've spent three days trying to get my new 650 working as well as my 600 did every day--and I'm not there yet. I'm no techie, but I was running ACT 6.0 with Act for Palm OS as contact manager,, Nexus dictionary, Vindigo and a few minor apps.

    Act for Palm OS doesn't work on the 650, as confirmed by Act, so I searched for alternatives. Tried Outlook with Outlook conduit on 650. An utter disaster! Many of my 3,500 contacts failed to transfer, notes got screwed up. Had a terrible time deleting bad database. Uninstalled Outlook 2003 from PC, but that made things worse. PC went into some kind of loop trying to run dozens of outlook.exe and AddinMon.exe apps simultaneously, gobbling all my memory. Found a note on PalmOne site about using original CD to switch away from Outlook conduit and did that. Then had to do a hard reset on 650 to dump everything and start over.

    Docs to Go appears to eat huge chunks of previously available memory on Treo, so Vindigo couldn't find enough storage to load its very useful maps and guides. Can't seem to move its data onto a card. Nexus didn't install properly from backup, and when I put its data on the memory card, then tried to remove it because it didn't work, Treo went into a flashing loop that required multiple System resets everytime I tried to HotSync. Then it lost its ability to find the Phone at all. Just wouldn't start a Network Search (this is unlocked GSM model). Another Hard reset.

    Now back to running Act 6.0 and trying CompanionLink to sync with Treo. Not perfect, but it seems to work. Proceeding with caution, as each new change seems to have unintended consequences.

    I had none of these problems on the 600 and wonder if PalmOne has wrecked the stability of its platform with its otherwise modest improvements.

    Advice most welcome.
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    I have a page of Treo 600 software that's been crash and reset proof for over 2 months. I'd love for all you 650-ites out there to check it over to see what might not work with your device. Since I want to upgrade but hate crashes. Most of my apps are small freeware and donation ware, just single-use programs.

    Anyway, enjoy the list, thanks for your feedback!

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    I am running 9.02 flawlessly, and haven't even started Versamail up yet since Agendus Mail runs incredibly well- faster than my Powerbook on DSL! I am impressed, and I was about to demand my $ back since it was so slow and buggy on my former Palm W.

    Quote Originally Posted by mikec
    Agendus does not work?

    Say it ain't so.

    I literally would not upgrade to the 650 if it won't run Agendus.
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    Are you talking about VoiceDialer app. I installed the most recent version and it caused soft resets.
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    Hi all,

    You can get the NEW TAKEphONE version - 6.50 (034) - at

    New features:

    - Treo 650 support.
    - Hi-Res skins.
    - PalmOne new PIM database support (increase speed).
    - New GUI - you can now find contacts/dial manually/create
    new contacts from a single screen !
    - Treo search (by initials) !

    - Call Log: Added filtering by words (search call-log by name or number) !
    - Call Log: "Save..." can create new or add to existing record.

    - Telephony: Added option - Press & HOLD PHONE button ==> Redial last number !!!
    - Telephony: Added number translation option: The North American way (like Treo).

    - Treo: Auto-redial on busy.
    - Treo: Show "In call".

    Thanks to all those who helped !
    Shimon Shnitzer
    Maker of TAKEphONE, 2day, 4cast, 2dial & CallCards -
    "Take telephony into your Palm"
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    tested the following this morning:

    AutoEnginuity Scan Tool 3.2

    Medium. Selecting Help, DTC Library causes a soft reset. However, all primary functions of the software, including OBD2 MIL reset and live scans work as designed. Tested with Bluetooth connection.
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    title of the software: Tide Tool
    version of the software: 2.2
    Internet link for the software:
    confidence level of the test: Medium
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    can you tell me where does the list reside?
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    Quote Originally Posted by weitzman@intern
    can you tell me where does the list reside?
    Refer to first post. Here is the link reposted:

    PalmOne Treo 650 Software Compatibility List

    Take care,
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    Power48: High
    All features work great
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    Quote Originally Posted by mputzel
    Docs to Go appears to eat huge chunks of previously available memory on Treo, .....Advice most welcome.
    Get the Dataviz tech tool to move docs to go to the SD card. I use PowerRun to move everything else.
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    Thanks for the useful tip. I received the free 128MB memory card from PalmOne and have almost filled it up. This will probably top it off, but I think a lot of my problems were caused by the new memory-hungry file structure used on the 650.
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    PocketSat+ seems to be working OK.
    Using Version 1.9
    Make sure you sync-up the high-resolution maps.
    I'd give it a medium, but it hasn't crashed anything. It always worked on the Treo 650, now it is faster and has more detailed maps.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lwehrung
    Refer to first post. Here is the link reposted:

    PalmOne Treo 650 Software Compatibility List

    Take care,
    thanks Lance

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