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    I'm at a bar last night listening to a great band, drinking my fair share, and all I can really think about is my 650 being shipped tomorrow . . . and the bluetooth headset that I'm going to order when I get home from the bar . . . which never ended up happening because of the aforementioned drinking.
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    Made me laugh man Speaking of BT, are you getting the G2?

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    well . . . don't know. i know that i want two headsets - one for the car and one for work/home. so i have ordered a G2 through ecost and am excited about it. but i'm not sure if i am going to keep my sprint phone or the one through palm. i get a 15% employee discount, but with tax and shipping and having to buy a bt headset there is not much difference b/t the palm order.

    if they would just ship the damn thing. have been on the phone with them over 10 times and each time i get a different story - this time it's "its allocated but it's just sitting there, don't know why it won't ship . . . sometimes it takes 2-3 days to ship out, this has been a very popular phone you know . . . " BS.

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