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    The following is the reply I recieved from Sprint:

    "Dear bonnie,

    Thank you for writing back to us.

    I would like you to know that this functionality is offered by the
    manufacturer Lexus and they are using a software for this function to
    work. Therefore, you need to directly contact Lexus Customer Care for
    assistance in this matter.

    I hope you will extend your cooperation in this regard for a prompt

    Olivia R.
    Sprint Business eCare?

    Sprint is laying the problem at the feet of Lexus. What now?
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    I have successfully paired the Treo 650 with my BMW 645. I have not been able to dial out yet because the Treo resets itself after the car recognizes the Treo's bluetooth. The Treo becomes connected to the car for about 10 seconds before the reset. I have been able to receive a call and use the internal speakers of the car (if the call comes in during the 10 second period). Anyone have any suggestions why the phone keeps resetting?
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    Umm its the same with Acura TL

    Its a Sprint or Palm problem if its happening with so many cars.
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    Gharrod's Lie

    Dear Bluetooth Forum Visitors,

    I have titled this post Gharrod's lie because I spent the last 4 days driving over 200 miles trying to confirm a technical detail for the integration of Bluetooth/Treo 650 in an automobile. And what I confirmed was -- that one of TC's member fabricated a complete story. I started to let it go, but there is a trust relationship between those of us who post and invest time and money in our technology. The accusation I have lodged is perhaps a bit harsh, and I agree, but here is my proof.

    I went to my local Infiniti dealership today to ask about the 2005 FX 45 series with integrated Bluetooth (as a part of the vehicle’s Technology Package) as prescribed by TC member “Gharrod.” Over the weekend, I visited the San Francisco International Car Show to seek out answers from the Infiniti national sales representative about integrated Bluetooth in the FX series cars. I emailed an Infiniti dealership to ask the former questions, and in each case I was told that it is not a feature that is offered.

    The dealership I visited tonight had an Internet connection, so the sales manager directed me to sit at his desk and locate the Bluetooth Forum and the post made by Gharrod. I did so and he read the post. His next words were, “what kind of place is TreoCentral?” Why would someone spread lies like that? What is the motivation for that?

    The following is the response to the email I sent:
    Dear XXXXXXX,

    The 2005 Model to our knowledge does not have Blue Tooth Technology. There is one Black / Graphite 2004 FX45 currently available. It has the Premium Pkg. and Technology Pkg.. We would have to meet and do the paperwork before I can have it redirected.

    Yes, everything in regards to our 2006 M45 says Bluetooth on it. That will be our first car with that technology.

    Your selling price for the 2004 and yes it is Black ext./ Brick / Black int. would be in the $46K's. I'm off today and tomorrow (unless you are ready to set an appt.- I will meet you by appt. only today or tomorrow) so I don't know the exact invoice.

    Debbi Pulliam
    Fleet / Internet Manager
    Niello Infiniti, Concord
    Direct Line: (925) 595-3333
    At the car show, I was told by a national sales representative from Infiniti USA that there is no Bluetooth integrated into the FX series car for 2005. I rebutted him and said—there has to be because one of the members of TC is driving around with one and a Treo 650. Again, he told me it wasn’t so.

    I have pm’d him and posted in this forum and other threads where Gharrod frequents, a requests for information. He has ignored my requests. Therefore, I have concluded that he has lied in this instance – about having Bluetooth perfectly integrated in an Infiniti FX series car. Moreover, he has wasted my time and misled members of this thread who come here for resource and advice. I have come to trust the experiences of TC members and will continue to do so. Yes, I'm upset because I want to be able to trust members in this forum. I don't want to go out and spend money and discover things don't work. So, be fair warned that we do not all have the same integrity.

    Thank you for your time!

    P.S. Gharrod, I would be delighted if you would post some facts and phone numbers of credible people disputing anything I have said in this post.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ken505
    I have successfully paired the Treo 650 with my BMW 645.
    A 645? Nice.
    I'll trade you my Acura TL?

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    Quote Originally Posted by OneDeviceGuy
    Any luck transferring a call once it is received? You mentioned in your post that you were trying some experimenting with this.
    Actually, I must admit I haven't spent much time figuring this part out yet. (Requires such coordination to find someone willing to call me over and over and always get hungup on... )
    But will keep trying.
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    Specimen38, you better be prepared for the lawsuit of your life you goofball. First I go away for a week on business and you assail me for no reason then you lie about what I said. I said the FX 35 had the tech package AND BT (Bluetooth). It also had satellite radio which both were installed by the dealer. I bought it like this and I could care less about how you drove all over when all you had to do was use your own internet connection and search the newsgroups you woudl have learned that the 2006 M Concept is the first Infiniti to have factory installed BT. Moderators please take note of this attack on me and please remove any messages by this forum-stalker who sent me panic messages while I was gone from here for a week on business (and the holiday). I have no obligation to him nor would I give him advice on a $50,000 purchase of a car. Normally I would feel badly for a person having such a screwed up look at life but in this case he brings it all upon himself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gharrod
    Geesh, I have a new 05 Infiniti FX series with the tech package (this is the first time they offer BT) and mine works great with the T650. Not sure what to say but I had a pre-release T650 and been using it for almost a month with the FX. Turning the vehicle off (as noted in an earlier post, they said the TL that was working with it lost the setup and had to be reconfigured) doesn't effect mine at all.
    Above is what you wrote in your own words:

    Contradiction #1: No one is attacking you. None of this is true. As I posted earlier, you shared your experience with the 2005 Infiniti FX/Bluetooth. It was only reasonable that I attempted to confirm your info. stated in your post since I would be purchasing the same vehicle. And what I confirmed was that none of this was true.

    Contradiction #2: You had Treo 650 & Bluetooth working November 13th.
    Quote Originally Posted by gharrod
    HA HA Chicky, good one! I just got a 2005 Infiniti FX35 with the tech package and BT. It works beautifully with the T650.
    The above was posted November 13th. No one had a Treo 650 on November 13th. Let alone one integrated with Bluetooth by a dealership.

    Contradiction #3: You haven't been gone a week. You posted something in the OFF Topics Forum on the Nov 24th. Ask the Moderator to pull login/logout logs and it will determine that you have been on TC in the past week -- browsing and viewing.
    Quote Originally Posted by gharrod
    Have fun in MN Chicky, say hi to my ex, Jesse the Body, Garrison and oh my dear sweet daughter in grad school...
    Contradiction #4: If what you say is true, disprove me. Send the moderator a credible dealership sales person name and phone number. If you do so, I will suspend myself from TC for a month.

    Contradiction #5: If you don't care about what I think and apparently others -- don't post things here. This is no play-land. The people who come here have integrity and need real answers.
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    specimen38: You seem to be overreacting a little. Many, many dealerships will -- on their own -- install aftermarket items onto the vehicle. When bought my Acura RSX, they had many floor cars (RSX, CL, etc.) that had aftermarket exhausts, rims, stereos, etc. None of these items were availalbe from other dealerships in the area. Would it be THAT surprising to you that someone might have bought a FX45 with the tech package, and the dealership also included an aftermarket bluetooth system? If someone is looking for a tech package, a dealer might think the bluetooth would be something the buyer may want (and be an easy way to move the car).

    Im confused as to why you are so bitterly attacking gharrod. Even if he is lying, (which I would hope he isn't) this is a forum -- and one about cell phones none-the-less. I think anyone would tell you that you have to check out any information on the internet before taking it at face value in the real world.

    You can't be in THAT much of a rush to buy your car, and if you really are, then bluetooth should be the least of your worries.

    PS- the FX series is really nice. I had the chance to drive a rental on the 4x4 trails in Red Rock park outside of Las Vegas. Bluetooth or not, its a nice ride.
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    Can we please get back on the topic of how to resolve the BT interface issue.
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    Quote Originally Posted by maswell
    ....Im confused as to why you are so bitterly attacking gharrod. Even if he is lying, (which I would hope he isn't) this is a forum -- and one about cell phones none-the-less. I think anyone would tell you that you have to check out any information on the internet before taking it at face value in the real world.

    If you look at my posts history, you'll see that I don't overract, or act irrationally. I am willing to censure myself if I am wrong. I know about aftermarket items. I know Internet decorum. Please don't be confused or distressed. I started to let this go, but there is a lot more to this than what little you have read. Integrity is important. The members who visit these post deserve that. Thanks for your concern. I am finish with it now.

    Yes, the FX is a great car. I presently have a supremely integrated phone system in my S-Class MB w/voice dial by number/name, etc. Having a great phone system is analogous to the emergence of the VCR. You wonder, "what did we ever do before VCRs?" Once you have one in your car -- it becomes a critical consideration in your car purchase decision--next to reliabilty and warranty. But I understand what you were attempting to say below:
    Quote Originally Posted by maswell
    You can't be in THAT much of a rush to buy your car, and if you really are, then bluetooth should be the least of your worries.
    Take Care!
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    Yes, sorry for the interruption. It is finished.

    Quote Originally Posted by BOBAER
    Can we please get back on the topic of how to resolve the BT interface issue.
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    Back to the topic at hand... I have just received a new 2005 Ford Freestyle (new model), which I had the Ford "Mobile-Ease" hands-free BT kit installed as a dealer accessory. Pairing went well, and I was able to initiate and receive calls via the hands-free system.

    But like others who have posted earlier, the problem is that the 650 doesn't maintain an "active" BT connection with the car. It's easy for me to see this problem, as the Mobile-Ease system has a small light that is lit when there's an active BT connection with a phone, and unlit when there's none. Most of the time with my 650, it's unlit. When I use my SE T608 in the car, it's always lit.

    For me, this was the last straw -- this 650 is toast -- going back to PalmOne. If they ever release a patch to fix it, perhaps I'll reconsider.
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    How can we get Palmone to FIX THIS PROBLEM!! This is WHY I bought this phone.. to get rid of my EXTRA T608 I use with the acura tl.

    What can be done... is there anyone that will listen???
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    I don't think there is much to do other than express your concern to both Acura and to Sprint. From what I have seen, unless there is a major part of their customer base complaining, very little is done. I started whining to Verizon about having a Bluetooth phone a month before I purchased my TL to no avail. I wound up changing to AT&T to get a phone that works with my car since Verizon gave me no hope of getting a phone that was Bluetooth.

    I think the thing we will have to face is that we (auto-based Bluetooth hands free profile users) are not a majority by far. Until the demand for this reaches the level that it impacts both the auto manufacturers or the cell phone companies in the bottom line, we're screwed. As long as the majority is happy with the 650, there is no incentive for Sprint or PalmOne to fix this.

    My advise is to give the 650 back to Sprint and go back to your T608. If Sprint starts getting back used 650s it will cost them. They will have to have those units refurbished and sold for a loss.

    I was really looking forward to the 650 and was very disappointed when it was reported that is doesn't work with the TL. I'm sitting tight until AT&T/Cingular releases the phone (who knows when) and see if their version works. In the mean time I will use my Siemens S56 and my Sony Clie, both which actually work!
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    The only Infiniti I've heard about that will include Bluetooth is the 2006 Infiniti M (due to be released in the Spring of 2005)

    So far, people have reported problems with the Lexus, BMW, Range Rover, Chrysler UConnect, Prius, Landcruiser, Acura TL (are there any new Acura RL users out there?), and the Cadillac STS.

    Did I miss any others? Anyone have the new mini-cooper w/ Bluetooth?

    So far the only car PalmOne has shown to work with the Treo650 is the Audi A6... hmmm..

    Has anyone tried it to make sure it works with a headset? It's sounding very much like it's the phone. What happened to real journalism? Why didn't any of those journalists who sat & raved about it ever take it for a spin with a car?
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    For what it's worth, I've gotten the T650 to work with my Acura TL for everything except initiating calls from the car. I can:

    -- dial a call from the handset and it is automatically transferred to the car
    -- pick up an incoming call by hitting the 'talk' button on the steeringwheel (this is a little buggy sometimes).
    -- transfer a call to the handset (and vice versa)

    I can't "dial" from the car, which is annoying, but it's working well enough for me that I'm content until PalmOne/Sprint release a fix (IF they release a fix...)
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    Quote Originally Posted by LizzieB
    So far the only car PalmOne has shown to work with the Treo650 is the Audi A6... hmmm..
    Someone just reported it's not working with Audi's either. Earlier in this thread (or somewhere) someone suggested that Sprint may have EFF'd up HFL when they tried to cripple DUN. I'm think that is what's going on here. Glad my contract with Sprint is up. So we'll see what happens first, a GSM model or Sprint patching the phone to solve the problem. Whoever wins will get my money.
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    The 650 works with the new Audi A6 just like with all of the others: very poorly. If a call comes in I answer on the 650, the Audi picks it up, and I can talk. Same with placing a call: only through the 650. When answering a call, the MMI screen on the car tells me to answer, even though I'm already talking.

    This is surely a Palnone problem. Gee, $50,000 for a car and $600 for a phone that asre advertised to be a matched set...
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    Well, in some ways it's a good thing it's also not working with the Audi, since that's the one car PalmOne promoted as being Treo-compatible...

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