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    the time u get it hopefully they will release update which should bluetooth issues

    April 17, 2007
    Anatomy of a Software Update + 700p Maintenance Release Info
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    FYI, Treo 700p BT works fine with 2007 Infiniti M35x - pairs fine (needed a soft reset once), stable, and the car's voice commands work fine
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    I am still having trouble with my 2004 Acura TL. If I use the car to dial a number everything works great! If I use the Treo 755p to dial the number, the bluetooth connection immediately drops. I then have to use the handsfree in the car to say "transfer" to use the handsfree. Very annoying and disappointing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by slwatts View Post
    I am still having trouble with my 2004 Acura TL. If I use the car to dial a number everything works great! If I use the Treo 755p to dial the number, the bluetooth connection immediately drops. I then have to use the handsfree in the car to say "transfer" to use the handsfree. Very annoying and disappointing.
    Exact same thing happens to me with 06 TL.
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    Hi All,
    I have a '07 TL-S and was able to pair my 700wx (Sprint) with HFL. Man, considering the state of software out there, HFL sucks!

    Anyway, has anyone managed to sych the phonebooks? Sorta stupid to have to fumble around with the phone if I want to dial someone.

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    i have the TL 04

    u have the s-type huh, sick !

    that must of added a pretty penny to the cost

    as far as the phonebook, u cannot sync your phonebook to cars phonebook, they are two seperate ones, u have to program each individual name into your car phonebook

    another side ?

    u have navigation?

    if so can u still use touchscreen while u are driving?

    in my 04 u can, i am hoping acura doesnt change that, allot of the newer cars block it while the car is moving, u have to use voice navigation
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    Thanks man,
    didn't cost all that much more - got it with the year-end sale... It has like, 45 miles on it :-)

    I was referring to being able to use the mobile phone book from the menu, not the stupid (and so hard to set up) one you get when you use the audio commands...

    "Phone Setup", "Phone book" .... <- not this one!

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    there is no way to sync your mobile phonebook with car

    i call the number from phone then use voice command transfer to transfer call to car speakers

    congrats on car... i leased the one i have now

    i am thinking of buying the next one, i liked it so much

    and the NAV is great

    i bought in 04 when the new body came out, i am guessing in another year they will be changing the shape again
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    Yeah, wait until '08 to get the new body...

    This is so frustrating, I have a dumb Motorola and it works flawlessly. I got it for less than 50 bucks...


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    Just got an 07 M35x (Infiniti). Paired the phone at the dealership, no problem. Made calls all the way home. Then, as I was playing with the car (on and off on the push button), the phone spontaneously hard reset. Lost everything.

    Today, re-paired the phone, and it seemed to work flawlessly. Only problem is you have to send each phone number separately to the car. Can't do the address book. No big deal really. Don't want all my numbers there, anyway.

    But, you can add voice tags and it will call. Pretty nice, actually.
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    happy pairing between parrot mk 6000 and treo 680. i have only a problem when leaving the car, treo still wants to communicate via hands free set... i have to push the most left onscreen-button to switch to internal speaker. very annoying, and very surely the treo-software is to be blamed for this.

    btw, A2DP with AudioGateway worx.

    regardz, 2XS
    current devices: PRE+
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    Great... the Centro doesnt work well with my 05 Acura TL anyone else having issues? thanks...
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    anyone here having issues with their centro and the Acura's HFL? : /
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    I can't get the Centro to pair with my 05 MDX. I was able to pair Treo 650, 700P, and LG325. This sucks!
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    I got it to work using the instructions provided by Marcus in
    I finally got it to work!!!

    It seems so easy, but I never saw this in any manual or forum; the phone section of the Centro needs to be turned OFF when pairing with the vehicle. Once the pairing is complete, then the phone can be turned on... I never would have tried this on purpose, as it is counter-intuitive, since its the phone I'm trying to pair.

    Anway, there it is.. Hope this helps someone else.
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    Sadly, the Alpine NVE-P1 navigation/bluetooth unit does not officially support any Treo models. I can pair my Treo 650 with the NVE-P1, but if I then tell it to talk to my Treo, the NVE-P1 replies that no phone has been paired with it. However, if I either initiate a call from my Treo or someone calls me, the NVE-P1 will then intercept the call as it should. Unfortunately, the pairing does not seem to stick overnight.

    So to sum up, the Alpine NVE-P1 "supports" the Treo 650 in only the most minimal of ways, and then only until the two lose their connection. Too bad.
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    I had connection problems with my Treo 650 and a new car purchase, 2007 Lexus 400h hands free system. Followed advice in the forums, got connected and never looked back.

    Traded the Lexus in for a 2010 Acura TL last weekend and the whole connectivity issues returned. Acura suggested I dump Treo and move to another PDA.

    I really like the Palm operating system. I got my wife a Treo 680. I even thought about learning a new operating system and was about to go for a Pre but the phone connectivity issues are so frustrating I may move on to Blackberry (I am loathe to do this but California has hands free laws now and the eventual hand free experience in the Lexus was spectacular). Oh, Lexus also suggested I dump Treo. AT&T blamed everything on Lexus.

    I can receive calls on the Treo. I can't make hands free calls from the Treo. I can't d/l the phone book into the Acura.

    The phone industry is about as bad as the airline industry with respect to the car/phone connectivity problems!
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    Don't immediately assume the blackberry will solve all your problems. I can pair my 8330 with several cars, Garmin GPS's, and hands free devices. In most cases, they pair flawlessly, work fine for hands free, but its a rarity they do ALL the auto Bluetooth claims. As of yet, neither the bmw, or the mercedes, or a garmin GPS device will download the address book. Now, its possible thats because I am on BB enterprise server, but no one seems to have the savvy to tell me that.

    If you want all your features, I would suggest you have your dealers give you a complete list of compatible phones, that shows what features work with what phones.
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