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    I have a cellphone that works fine with the Bluetooth Navigation System in my 2004 Lexus LS430. I want to purchase a Treo 650 but with all the pairing problems and no one suggesting that pairing is going to get any easier...I thought I would transfer my old telephone number to the new Treo. I would than enable the Call Forwarding feature to the old cellphone that gets a new (unpublished) number. Incoming calls to the Treo would flip to the cellphone that should work with the Bluetooth in the car...anyone have any thoughts on this option (other than the waste of money to have two cellphones)?
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    I guess I have an attitude about this. My thought? If palm is not concerned enough to make the 650 work PERFECTLY with the lexus, I would say the hell with it. Keep the cellphone that works well, and just get one of the new tungsten Tx's that are coming out in the next week or so. Or, find a smartphone that does work with it. Might think of waiting till the new Motorola Q comes out in december, or the new Treo 700 comes out in January. I haven't heard if the windows phones are having the problems that the 650 is. I am a PALM guy, but enough is enough, they should make these things work flawlessly! Why jerryrig it, and pay the extra phone?

    However, if you feel you must have a treo, what you describe should work just fine if it forwards it quickly.
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    I bought a new car last week today. The Acura RL 05, I test drove the BMW 330i, 525i, 530xi, Audi A6 3.2 and the Audi A6 4.2 over the last 4 weeks. I have a Treo 650 Cing Locked with 1.15-cng update Firmware 01.31 and here is what I have found.
    The BMW was the worst in trying to get my phone to link up. I stop trying cause it was taking to long.

    The Audi A6 both models linked in under 30 Sec. In my opinion it had the best features for our phones. You could actually transfer your contacts to the car and the easiest to use and setup.

    The Acura RL and TL (only test drove this car) linked in about 45 sec to a min (it was not as simple but worked well). After a week in the Acura RL I have not had any droped calls or any calling issues as of yet. Sound is clear and the person on the other end hears me clear. It has not lost its link as long as I donít mess with it. On the other hand the Acura link (data transfer to dealer) is terrible with my Treo. I have not been successful with it as of yet. But I also have not dedicated more that 30Min trying to get it to work. The Treo requires you to be in Network mode which of course removes the HFL which dose not automatically return after the test. I think (not sure as of yet) I can get it to work by setting the DUN manually but I have not the time until this weekend. I will post again if I am successful with details.
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    I just bought an Acura TL and have trouble with the HFL. No voice prompts and "Booting Up" is displayed. Tried disconnecting the negative battery terminal. nothing. Anyone have any luck?
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    update: The Dealer "robbed" a good module from another brand-new car off the lot to put in mine. One day later (after a different brand-new loaner) my car was fixed. I no longer have the HFL "booting up" problem. I am using a Cingular Treo 650, and even though Acura doesn't list it as compatible, I have no trouble.
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    I have the 05 TL and Treo 650 cingular. My bluetooth works fine for the most part. The only issue I have is when I make a phone call from my treo I have to wait until sombody awnsers the call and then say "transfer". This is frustrating because the person on the other end is waiting for me to speak and I am waiting for my phone to "transfer". Is there anyway to "transfer" your call to your car before the person awnsers so when they awnser you can speak to them through your car with no pause?
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    My 2006 BMW 650i just arrived. I paired my Verizon Treo with zero issues. Favorites transferred. Signal strength works, everything works like it should..

    Loving it!
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    I have a workaround to get the Treo 650 to work with Acura's Handsfree Link. I am able to use voice recognition commands to get the Treo to dial out without having to initiate the call on the Treo and transfer. I have a MDX, but I assume it works on the TL. Let me know if this is what you are trying to do.
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    Have you been able to connect to the AcuraLink with your Treo 650 yet? I have yet to be successful with my Acura RL. Also, does your Treo reset when you try to initiate a call from your RL's phone book? Mine does.
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    Quote Originally Posted by horatio8
    I have a workaround to get the Treo 650 to work with Acura's Handsfree Link. I am able to use voice recognition commands to get the Treo to dial out without having to initiate the call on the Treo and transfer. I have a MDX, but I assume it works on the TL. Let me know if this is what you are trying to do.
    What is the workaround? I always get a reset if I dial using the voice activation. Works fine if I dial from the Treo. Have Treo 650 with Sprint and 05 TL.
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    On my 2005 MDX to call an entry from my phone book "home"

    - start voice activation and say: call <home>
    - system responds: would you like to call home?
    - say: yes
    - system repsonds: calling

    on the Treo 650 the bluetooth indicator turns to headphones but the call doesn't go through

    - hit the back of the rocker switch to cancel - handsfree link stays engaged
    - hit the front of the rocker switch and say: call <home>
    - system resonds: would you like to call home?
    - say: yes

    the call then dials and is audible through the speaker system

    I know this is strange, but it works for me. I've heard of quite a few different problems with the Treo 650 and HFL so I'm skeptical whether it will work for others. I've never had resets, by the way.
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    I have 2006 A6 (Europe) and just bought a Palm Treo 650 GSM version. It keeps loosing the phonebook after 10 seconds after pairing with the bluetooth carkit! My Nokia 6230i works however! This is only with the treo, anybody have this problem>
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    Yes it is . What is your work around?
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    Sorry, I did not scroll down far enough.
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    I use a Sprint 650 w/ 2004 Lexus LS430. Pairings not that big a hassle (with update) and you can transfer single phone contacts if you delete ()- symbols (i just create temp contacts for transfer only. The only real hassle is incoming calls with call waiting will interrupt (actually drop) call in progress.
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    Here's my experience with each.
    I just picked up my new RL last week. I've been able to pair with my Treo and place calls using voice commands. Have not tried to initiate from my Treo address book yet. Have not been able to connect every time..sometimes the phone call starts and stops immediately (the loud "pop" thru the audio system). Strength & battery do not show up on RL display.
    On my wife's RX330 I am able to start pairing process to the point where I enter the passcode (in this case it's 1212). The Treo tells me it's successfully completed the process, however, the Lexus still says "enter 1212 passcode on your phone to connect". I don't get a "success" message from the Lexus.
    The Audi (my in-laws) A8 connects to the Treo and I've bee able to make calls using the Hand Free connection. However, my Treo almost constantly "resets" itself while in the presence of the A8.
    So, the re-cap is: RL - Works okay, has issues. RX330 - Pairing cannot be completed. Audi A8 - worked once, reboots the Treo constantly.
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    I wanted to join this discussion with the hopes to add some info and encourage others to contact PalmOne and their providers to let them know this is a growing problem.

    I own (and love) a 2004 Acura TL. I waited over a year to get a bluetooth HFL combined organizer and phone and thought the 650 was the answer. Unfortunately, despite very diligent testing by the makers of the HFL sw Acura uses (Johnson Controls, Inc), the phone is hardly compatible. Let me say upfront that the rep I've been dealing with from HFL/JCI has been wonderful. Unfortunately, I'm in my third month of service with Sprint and the phone has yet to work properly with HFL.

    The main problem is that it resets when trying to place a call. We've tried to narrow down when this happens in terms of conditions and it may be most troublesome when placing a call using a number in the HFL directory. Nonetheless, it's a pain. There are other bugs, but this is the main one. I actually am using the second Treo 650 Sprint has provided, since they believed the problem initially was a bad first unit.

    Other postings on this site have claimed some success using a program called rlock that assists with older programs that still use RAM vs the newer memory sw the Treo has. I tried this and it didn't help. I also remembered that I had problems with both units resetting after hard resets and with no 3rd pty sw loaded (only the sw that came with the device).

    HFL/JCI has been very particular as to which phones they state are compatible and to date the only certify the Sprint version of the 650. I'm sure they're rethinking this decision. They've told me no other phones they've approved behave this way. Since this is one of the main reasons I went with this phone, it's a big bummer!

    Sorry for the long initial post, but I've spent lots of time on this already and thought I may save a few fellow TL/Treo lovers before making the same mistake.

    Last thing fyi...I think a Blackberry may have made more sense!

    Feel free to email if you want more specifics.
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    I have been trying to get my Verizon Treo 650 to connect correctly using Bluetooth with my 2005 BMW 645. My Treo was constantly resetting. I found a post in another forum that suggested checking all the Favorites to ensure that "Dial Extra Digits automatically" is UNchecked. You get to this option through the "More" selection when editting the Favorite. I happened to try this after I used the "Treo 650 Updater 1.04 (Verizon)" released on 10/17/05 located at
    My Treo 650 now pairs and works very well with the BMW 645 without resetting. Only the speed dials (FAVORITEs) are available for dialing from the BMW menus, but this is fine with me. This seems to an issue with more than one car type including Audi and Lexus from my browsing the forums.
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    Have an RL that pairs fine and makes outgoing calls but drops incoming calls all the time.

    1.17 update did NOT fix - Cingular CNG firmware.

    Anyone had better success?
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    Your Treo - which service?

    And where did you get the patches. I have updated to 1.17 and still get drops on incoming calls, but fine on outgoing....

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