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    Quote Originally Posted by YoungTurk
    After making sure that "Allow Bluetooth to wake up" is enabled in your Treo
    Where does one find this option to enable it?

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    did you get to work in a ls 430 i have a 2004 ls 430 and I cant get it to work
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    i have a range rover with bluetooth. it is strange. the screen says phone not fitted, however when the phone rings the phone screen pops up. it doesn't work great but it does work.
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    How about a web page link which contains a summary of what works & what doesn't work instead of ump-teen threads.

    Sticky it at the front so it is easy to find.
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    Problem w/that is that its very vehicle dependent as each bluetooth "car kit" which is in the car has a different profile.
    Here's a summary for BMWs...
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    What update? I have an 05 x5
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    I have Sprint PCS 650 (before and after update) working with 04 LS430. You definately need either the bluetooth patch or the 1.08 update to make it work. The trick when you get to point where 650 has paired by 430 is still waiting- make a call from your phone and it will complete the pairing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lexusrx330
    works fine in my lexus rx330, bluetooth rocks!

    Doesn't work at all in my rx330. Must be some magic.
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    Look back about a week ago. You need to make an outgoing call while the car is still waiting to pair. The call will go through, transfer to your speakers and THEN the phone will pair.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kimnish
    Look back about a week ago. You need to make an outgoing call while the car is still waiting to pair. The call will go through, transfer to your speakers and THEN the phone will pair.
    I don't get it. How can you make an outgoing call if you are in the process of pairing? Can you elaborate?
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    Here's something from over at

    I managed to make the 650 with the Spring patch 1.08 work. As it turns out, the patch really doesn't change anything in the bluetooth files - I was just missing one critical step when pairing the phone (probably the first time when I paired it, I lucked out). Here is what I did:

    1. Initiate the pairing process from the car.
    2. Do "Setup new device" from the Treo, follow the steps.
    3. Enter passkey. The Treo reports "pairing successfull".
    4. HOWEVER, the pairing is not complete at this point and here is the trick. While the Treo is still connected to the car and the car is in pairing mode, I placed a call from the Treo. At this point I was prompted for the passkey again, this time the dialog also had a checkbox "Add to trusted devices". After entering the passkey this 2nd time, I got a message on the car nav screen "Pairing successfull" - which I didn't get before.

    Now everything's working fine, and the car is able to find the phone."
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    Question for someone using 650 w/ 1.08 update with a Lexus. I had this working pre and post update however I have a new problem that's surface after update. I can place 1 call with hands free (dialed by handsfree or by phone) and after hanging up I'm not able to make a second handsfree call unless I restart the car (causing it to reestablish this bluetooth connection).
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    just got a lexus rx400h, can not get the treo650 sprint to work...treo finds and accepts after I enter passkey, but Lexus is still waiting???
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    Quote Originally Posted by shoptangerine
    just got a lexus rx400h, can not get the treo650 sprint to work...treo finds and accepts after I enter passkey, but Lexus is still waiting???
    read back on page 15 of the thread
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    I've had every Treo (T-Mobile) since VisorPhone. I've sold Lexus just a bit longer than that. My Treo 600 is great, but bluetooth is desired. Needless to say, I am excited at the prospect of pairing an awaited T-Mobile Treo 650 to my new '05 RX 330. From what I've been reading in these forums/threads, it will be a challenge to get every feature of the vehicle's HF system to work as expected with the Smartphone ... even with the patch/update in place. I refuse to buy an unlocked Treo at this point because they are usually more expensive than the upgrade.

    Here's my interim solution:

    Bought a Sony-Ericsson T616/T630/T637 from or eBay, inserted my T-Mobile SIM card, and Presto-Wam-Bam! ... EVERY feature works on the phone and the vehicle's BT Hands Free system. Pairs perfectly, disconnects properly when the SUV is shut down and the phone asks if you want to retrieve the call to the handset, wakes up the phone (even if it is locked) everytime, and shows all functions on the navigation screen. I transfered my entire cell phonebook to the SUV's phonebook in one fell swoop! The only caveat is that you can only have a name/title and one phone number per record. Any more than that and you run into phone number selection issues (Ie. transferring a FAX number).

    It is my strong suspicion that Toyota/Lexus conferred with Sony in Japan when developing their Bluetooth HFL system. The two products pair and function flawlessly as opposed to Motorola, Seimens, Nokia, Samsung, BlackBerry, and now Treo.

    Perhaps by the time T-Mobile and palmOne release their version of the Treo 650, I'll grow tired of swapping the SIM card and sell Treo down the river. And by then the second patch will correct all glitches!
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    Has anyone been able to connect fully with an 06 Infiniti M and a Cingular Treo 650?
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    Quote Originally Posted by dohspc
    I have been able to recognize a pattern after installing just the cingular carkit t650 update at on a new cingular T650 purchased yesterday. I have found this after numerous hard resets and software testing on the device. After installing the update and then using the phone in a 05 Acura TL I notice the phone will behave improperly after disconnecting from the car.

    The phone will not be able to make outgoing calls. When an attempt is made the phone will basically lock up for about a min and then come back with the error "The network could not complete your call" . Two buttons are on the bottom giving the option to Dismiss or Redial. The phone can however recieve incoming calls. Have to do a soft reset to use the outgoing functions of the phone again. I did the diagnostic and it shows a fatal exception with the phone app. Bluetooth is working fine to hotsync and I have used a motorola bluetooth headset also with no problems.

    I have looked over about three forums trying to find this but not many people have the same setup or using the Cingular T650 in this manner. Most everyone is talking about the Sprint T650 in regards to car kits. The fact that patch is required to make the car kit work anyway shows a broken implimentation of bluetooth on this particular phone? Any advice, I dont even want to think about calling Cingular about this. Seems to be a Palm issue first since this doesnt happen until putting the patch on, but the hands free basically wont work with the bluetooth software stored in the phones rom so either way its a bum deal.
    similar set up as you except i have an 04 TL. i have yet to figure it out. did you notice that after it starts to act up the headset symbol stays on the top right even after the phone call ends? during this period, i can't seem to make any calls nor receive them. if i dial from the pda itself it may connect and if it does, i can hear them but they can't hear me, as if it's in mute. it sure is a bummer. expensive car + expensive phone + instability = frustration

    hope someone does something to fix this. was gonna call palm support but they're not 24hours. will try tomorrow. i can already guess what they will say: "did you check Acura's website to see if the phone is listed? oh you did? and it's not listed? well that explains everything." yet for some reason they have a patch specifically for acuras
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    ok verizon and lexus '05 rx330..

    sprint patch or ????
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    I received my Treo 650 yesterday and Today morning I successfully paired the Phone with MDX's Hands Free Link.

    I have made and received several calls using the HFL. It works flawlessly.

    I just have to keep the Bluetooth always turned on on the 650 and the HFL automatically detects my phone as soon as I turn the Ignition on.

    Treo 650 Rocks!!!
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    Does anyone have the Sprint bluetooth patch by itself? I don't have 11Mb to spare to install the full update that includes the BT patch.

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