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    I've been running successfully for a week or so with the new patch and my Audi A6. All of the functions seem to work as advertised, including the signal strength meter. I do have one or two problems, though. The sound quality is poor at the receiving end and there is occasionally a very annoying loud tone prior to connecting a call.
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    Does anyone hear an audible ring from rheir vehicle when an incoming call comes in? On my Prius, the nav screen alerts me to a call visually, but there's no sound notification unless the Treo is set to ring instead of vibrate..

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    ummm I think thats the idea! You put it on vibrate so you DON'T hear the ring. You Put it on ring, to hear an audible ring. I'm not sure what you were expecting here.
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    I was expecting the vehicle itself to produce an audible noise to signify ringing. It's convenient to toss the Treo (and necessary in my case due to long drives) into the center armrest, plugged into a car charger. Since I always default to vibrate for quiet during biz meetings, in this case, I'll have to switch the Treo to audio mode and back again each time I get in and out of the car. Just a bit of a hassle, it'd be nice if the vehicle's hands free system supported a ring on its own. It certainly knows when there's an incoming call. On the Prius, it takes over the heads-up display and displays callerID info, etc...
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    I have found that putting the phone on the armrest above the bluetooth module improves the sound quality significantly versus anywhere else in the car so far.

    A seperate question: Does the voice patch improve bluetooth quality, or just quality of the voice on standard treo phone calls?
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    My Audi has an audible ring for incoming calls.
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    pcmarin, is it true on the 2005 BMW 5's, you have to put aluminum foil on the antenna to get an AM station? (sorry, had to make that joke, I just hate the styling of those cars. Yours on the other hand is just a beast and I love them)
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    pcmarin- did you install the BMW upgrade kit yourself? was your car pre-wired with a bluetooth antenna?
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    Quote Originally Posted by rkevwill
    pcmarin, is it true on the 2005 BMW 5's, you have to put aluminum foil on the antenna to get an AM station? (sorry, had to make that joke, I just hate the styling of those cars. Yours on the other hand is just a beast and I love them)
    actually the reception for the radio isn't bad, and have the bmw sirius module running through the nav as well. I agree, the e39 series is better looking than the current model.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SABAlove
    pcmarin- did you install the BMW upgrade kit yourself? was your car pre-wired with a bluetooth antenna?
    The dealership installed the newest bluetooth retrofit kit for BMW. It is prewired for a cell phone, but the bluetooth kit requires a different armrest with the module installed there. That is why the sound is best with the phone on the armrest console. It all runs through the steering wheel and nav system, with an oem look. I am not sure about the bluetooth antenna, but it may still just use the phone's.
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    Actually, the quality of the bluetooth products is mainly decided by the chip or the project they use. As i know, the CSR projects have more features than others but the most steady one, i think should be the projects of Infineon. Of course the projects of TI and Philips are also a good choice.
    If you're interest on this, maybe you can open it and check which project it use. Hehe, God will bless you can fix it back!
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    Thread has been getting quieter since the release of the first Car Kit patch. I hope that Palm hasn't forgotten about these issues. There are still many of us that either have no connection or poor connections to our vehicles.
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    adamt, sleight42, and pshady - I've got a 2004 Prius #9, but no Treo yet still waiting on Cingular, and have been watching your posts in this thread. I was wondering about the signal showing a D, could that mean digital? My archaic phone shows D as its signal, of course in addition to the bars, but perhaps that is what the BT is picking up. Does the D ever go away?

    You've mentioned the work around to pair the phone, but once the phone is paired does the Prius recognize it when you get in?

    Any updates on the corrupt phone numbers? Pshady did you have this problem?

    Thanks for your pioneering.
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    junk13 - I've never seen the D go away, but your analysis sounds right, and matches the Prius manual's description. The manual also discusses, however, a color change for different modes of operation. Blue for connected, red for disconnected, etc...(don't quote me on those exact colors, I read it some time back) I've never seen those show up.

    Yes, my #9 recognizes the phone every time I get in.

    Yes, a poster here had a solution for the corrupt |||| phone numbers. Remove all characters except numbers from your contact's phone numbers. i.e. no parenthesis or dashes. Outlook has trouble with this, but Palm Desktop seems to handle it just fine.

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    Same as Adam re: BT connection to car. Works every time. However, can't dial out via car with Treo password locked. Personally, I unlock the Treo and voice dial (which is not an option via the Prius as far as I know). This is a somewhat acceptable workaround. I'd prefer to manipulate the car and not the phone.
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    I have the new carkit installed on the 650. I paired once succesfully by initiating from the car - the car "said" initating from the phone per the instructions fomr Palm was not OK

    Then after that it will not recognize the phone again. I deleted all phones and tried again - now the car will not even complete.

    I use Phone Setup, Pair, provide a 4 digit code. Then I go on the 650 and use the sleect devices to find the identifies it then prompts me for the 4 digit code. When I enter the code on the phone, it then disconects and the car issues the "disconnect" tone - no pairing.

    A few of you have stated success with Acura HFL. COuld you please provide the settings on the phone and the step by step?
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    Status of Connection to Built-in Bluetooth connection (Lexus calls it Handsfree) in 2005 Lexus SC-430:

    After making sure that "Allow Bluetooth to wake up" is enabled in your Treo,

    1) Initiate pairing from the car;
    2) Respond with passcode from Treo;
    3) The Treo will say you connected, the car says it is still waiting;
    4) Disregard the car's message;
    5) Select the Handsfree as a Trusted Device in the Treo Bluetooth (this step was not included in earlier helpful instructions on this board, but is necessary);
    6) Initiate a call from the Treo;
    7) The car handsfree will pickup the call.


    1) Incoming calls to the Treo popup on the car screen as well as the Treo's, but even with the ringer on in the Treo, I don't hear an audible ring from the car.
    2) Outgoing calls placed from the Treo reliably get routed to the Handsfree;
    2) Once paired as above, the car Handsfree will re-pair every time you get in the car or turn the car off then back on;

    All of this is with the caveat that I haven't read any of the manuals from my car's handsfree, as I just bought it yesterday (Tuesday)
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    I just bought a BWM 530i. Do I need to do something special to get retrofit kit ?
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    For Prius owners, I suggest posting here to get PalmOne to improve things for us.
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    ACURA - Phone settings - Allow Wakeup, Cache Enabled, Blutooth on, Discovery set to Yes.

    1) Initiate HLF, Say Phone Setup ,Pair
    2) Provide 1,2,3,4 as code, confirm with Yes
    3) On The Treo I then select Setup Devices and Handsfree Link shows up as a Nearby Device
    4) I select it and then OK - I am then prompted for the 4 digit code.
    5) I enter it and when I press done two things happen
    A) The MDX says it has found the phone
    B) When you Done on the 650, a message flashes by saying Disconnected and then the SUccess Message on the Treo.
    6) You then need to go the main phone screen - push the Green phone button - at that point the bluetoth icon has the white background indicating successful a connection and the car HFL display also shows success.

    All is good after that and the phone and car find each other repeatedly no problem.

    The step that is vital is going to the main phone screen AFTER Done in the BT screen- step 6. IF YOU SATY IN BT screens you will get the flashing BT icon and NO connection.

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