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    I just installed the carkit update and the 650 will still not link with my 2005 GX470. Still not happy.
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    I just installed the patch and it works much better than before. However, I still do not have signal or battery meters. Seeing that the Acura owners do not have it either it must be something with the car kit since UConnect and Hands-Free Link are made by the same company (Johnson Controls Inc. (JCI))
    My Bluetooth "Toys"

    Sprint Treo 700p
    2005 Dodge Magnum RT w/UConnect
    HP DeskJet 450wbt
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    Quote Originally Posted by ttrybek
    I just installed the carkit update and the 650 will still not link with my 2005 GX470. Still not happy.
    I have a 2004 LS430, so I probably have the same handsfree system as your GX470. Now that I've installed the carkit update, most functions work properly. I can make calls, receive calls and the pairing between the devices persists between car on/off cycles. One thing I found that still doesn't work properly is the initial pairing of the devices, and maybe this is where you're having dificulties. Here is what I found that works:
    Initiate the pairing from the car, which will send the security code
    Respond with the security code from the Treo - it will show successful pairing, but the car won't.
    Don't hit cancel on the car at this point, but instead originate a call from the Treo. In my case, the car picks up the call, and apparently completes the pairing in the process, because from that point on, the phone appears in the list of devices, and pairing occurs automatically when I turn on the ignition (as long as Allow Wakeup is enabled on the Treo.

    Signal strength doesn't appear to work, but I can load my contact list without problems.

    Hope this helps.
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    Quote Originally Posted by adamt
    That's strange... I assume you have a 2004 #9 Prius? Hmm.. did you delete the phone and re-pair after applying the update?

    Actually, 2005 #6 Prius. I can get the car to act as an audio device if I dial on the handset. However, it seems as though my car is having difficulty persuading my handset to wake up and, thus, I cannot persuade my car to dial.

    Incidentally, I do have "wake up" set on the handset so I'm at a loss and a bit frustrated.

    I can receive incoming calls because incoming calls consistently wake up the phone and alert the car to the call.
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    Installed the software update today and I still cannot get the hands free to recognize the 650. It seems maybe a little connectivity takes placebut it does not complete. For all the money this phone cost, I have seen less expensive phones connect with no problem.
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    I got mine to work with our TL. I first had to remove it from the previously paired devices (on the Treo) and then repair which worked as it should.
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    I installed the update yesterday and it worked the first time! However, it didn't work the second time. This is on an Audi A6. As soon as I placed a call from the Treo, the car took over again with full functionality. Frustrating...
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    Quote Originally Posted by sbhatla
    It still won't connect with my Lexus LS430 (2004).

    61121cd - how did you get it to pair with your LS430?

    It was a little strange-I initiated the pairing from the settings screen on my LS 430. Even after the treo said I had successfully paired the phone-the pairing screen on the LS didn't go away. However, I then placed a call from the treo while the pairing screen was still up, and then the LS picked up the pairing. Hope that helps.
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    61121cd - thanks. You are correct - that's the way I eventually got it to pair.
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    Worked great with my UConnect system all day yesterday. As I was shopping, in and out of the car, it worked as if it had been connected the entire day. Today I had to soft reset the Treo, but it began working immediately thereafter.
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    Ok, so let me get this straight. The bluetooth update ALMOST works with some cars. Not surprised it doesn't work with BMW's, as nothing works with anything Chris Bangle has been involved in. (why anyone would buy one of those ugly over tech'd cars, I will never understand)

    So now we have a vastly updated 650, that has less usable memory, the voice quality on calls sucks, and now I hear the bluetooth drains the battery so you need to connect a car charger?

    Ya know what, I am keeping my 600 for a while, and using the car kit I have. All I have to do is get in the car, place my phone in the cradle, it charges, speaker is great, and it works!

    I think it is terrible palm is treating us all as alpha testers. Yes, ALPHA testers. I have beta tested applications for palm, and many PC and Apple applications for many years, and have NEVER seen such a buggy device, and firmware.
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    I didn't even try to hook up with my TL until I saw this patch.

    Installed the patch and it works great--paired, made calls, received calls--with no hoops to jump through. It's great!

    Hang in there if yours isn't supported yet. I'm sure Palm will get it working soon.
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    My 650 finally linked to my GX. The trick all along was to dial a number from the phone even though the screen on the car still did not respond and the phone said the link was complete. As soon as a number was dialed the link was complete and I was able to send and receive calls. I have not trying anything further.

    How frustrating this whole process was.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pixhershko
    what about BMW?
    Ditto, I am waiting on installing the Bluetooth kit for my 330Ci until I know this is working.

    Also, does this update "behavior" with other Bluetooth devices as well? Particularly the pathetic headset interaction (Jabra BT250, Moto HS820, etc)

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    I work at an Acura Dealer and the patch works great!!
    I'm paired to our RL, MDX, TL demos and with no problems!
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    This is great news! Does this mean that the Treo 650 will soon be added to the list of compatible phones at the Acura website? Another thing, does the signal strenth and battery strength show up on th '05 RL? Finally, some people at Acurazine were complaining about poor voice quality regarding how THEY were being heard by others. Any experience with this with the RL? And any solution for this issue if it is a known one.
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    from what I have seen the problems with HFL are more carrier specific and that the phones are the issue. We have installed new units in acuras initially and learned they aren't defective.
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    But all 650s at this point are Sprint, right?
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    Just installed carkit update and still no joy. Can get pairing (apparently) but consistent failure (e.g. car message of check mobile phone) when attempting any actions including making calls or transferring contact list.

    Followed carkit directions precisely.

    Unhappy - so far the Treo bluetooth facility is garbage ... barely useful with Jabra headset (short range and only 80% reliable on making or receiving calls with high static level).


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