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    Howdy folks,

    I wanted to start this thread so that us new customers to Sprint have one place to go for the latest information on how to get what current Sprint customers already have.

    I have tried relentlessly (since yesterday) to give Sprint my money but they seem to be holding firm. I was told (as it sounds others were too) that I had one on order, but when I checked back, the order is in a holding pattern until Sprint decides to release it to new customers (non-business customers)

    I must say I have mixed feelings , I am pissed (cause I canít get one ) but am pleased to see that Sprint is loyal to their customers (This gives me a little better feeling about going with Sprint, have had bad experiences long ago).

    SoÖ.the latest information I have is from about an hour ago. I called to see if I can order a phone and was again told no, but that management was in a meeting deciding what to do / when to release it to the new customer base.

    Please share your experiences, and if you are a new customer (non-business) and have RECEIVED your phone please share how you did it!

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    just got off the phone with "Julie" at Sprint... I asked if they are processing orders for new customers on the 650 today. She said there was a "computer glitch" that was not giving them the ability to order 650 on new accounts? She also said the problem should be fixed end of day.

    Sprint is now held liable for all squids punched toady.
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    Well I've been trying since yesterday and still not found anyone at Sprint able to take my new account order for a 650. Given the posts by others, it does sound like they are telling the truth as far as being unable to enter them into the system.

    With all the time Iíve wasted on this, I realized that the world is not standing still as Iím trying to make this purchase and there are things to be done. Iím going back to sort-of-patiently waiting for P1 to ship. I made a valiant effort to try to get one before the weekend, but thatís not happening. Now I'm hoping for before Thanksgiving. /
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    Well, there is a way to get it but you won't get the $150 rebate. Call a rep (or go to a store) and open up a new account and get one of those cheapy free phones. You end up using your $150 on the cheapie phone and this is the drawback. But then you can order the 650 even before you get the cheapie free phone sent to you. They will ship the free phone via ground but you can get the 650 sent overnight. This is what I did and I will recieve the 650 tomorrow (I missed yesterday's overnight shippping cutoff time). I don't mind the rebate being used on the free phone because I needed a backup phone anyways. Anyway, there it is.
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    Okay, I have to revise what I said because my 650 is ON THE WAY!!!

    The rep just called me back with a tracking number, phone number, etc. He said since it was still early, most likely I would recieve the device tomorrow! We'll see about that, but it does appear that they can now get them in for new customers.
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    Which 800 number did you call? The 4727 or 1315 Number?
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    I called 1315. I had to be persistent, but from the get-go the sales rep wanted to sell me the phone. I think the problem is two-fold: 1) Sprint is not communicating the latest information to their reps and a lot of people are calling about this phone; 2) They probably had a legitimate issue with being able to get things into their system for new accounts.

    Hopefully they've worked out those issues and you all have an easier time of it.
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    what's the big deal? It's just a phone.
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    just completed my order for a new customer 650 shipping today.

    one more squid saved from the punch
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    Got mine comming tomorrow as well now....and it's not JUST a phone, it's a Treo 650 :-)

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