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Or try calling Tech Support for your PC manufacturer - Dell, HP, etc...

In any case, I am dying to order a 650 but a little hesitant to deal with Sprint based on past experience. And this wasn't too long ago. I was glad at the time that I paid the extra $10.00 a month for no contract so I had no problems canceling my service.

However, if feedback is great when people actually start getting these in hand, It's possible that I may change my mind.

PS: Called Sprint to confirm that they have 650's in stock for brand new accounts and was told "yes!" Asked about overnight shipping and was told it was available but that it would take 2-3 days to receive it??? Perhaps that's overnight from Bangalor?

I didn't question any further..
I have found a couple things over the years. First, it never, ever, ever, ever takes less than 2 calls (min) when switching to a new phone. There is always something that one tech did wrong that requires at least a second call to fix something. Second, once that initial mess is done, I have rarely ever had to call back. In think all in all, after the phone call headache, service is great.

By the way, what geek here calls tech support on a PC? They are far easier to fix that a treo 650. lol