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    I Just checked on Ebay and as of 10 min ago there were 271 New or "Slightly Used" Treo 600's for sale I watched as two bids ended for over $400 for "slightly used" ... Guess they didnt bother to check the NEW price with rebates from Palmone
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    That is insanity. How the hell do you pay that much for a 600. Damn fools, I'll have a friggin 650 in my hands tomorrow for about the same price.
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    I hope I can sell mine for that price, I am going to try to sell it to my boss first. Hehe
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    Thats the way I feel (Sold My 600 the friday before the 650 was announced for $385) i've got a 650 gsm ordered with My roadshow Coupon .. I'll Wait..

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