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    OK, so I understand that p1/Sprint sees a large-order business shipment of Treo 650's as desirable (though I personally wonder how many businesses are truly buying large numbers of Treo 650's anyway), but doesn't it make an awful lot of sense for them to make sure that we get our phones first? I mean, come on...for the most part, we're a bunch of geeks who love talking about these gadgets and showing them off to our friends. We essentially serve as a guerilla marketing/sales force. But instead of equipping us with free phones and paying us a salary, we're standing in line waiting for them to take our $600. And even that isn't good enough.

    So who are the fools here? Us or them? OK, probably us and them.

    Now THIS is the future of smartphones.
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    I agree, we are all fools. But I continue to believe until proven otherwise that I will have a 650 in my hands on Tuesday. If that's not the case, well...
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    Why do you think Treocentral readers/posters are NOT the first to get theirs?...

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