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    Somehow, someway, I ended up a while back not being under contract but paying $5/month to remain that way. I think what happened was that I fulfilled my one-year contract, bought a new phone, then got a Sprint rebate for the phone but they gave me the option of either committing to another year or paying $5/month. The other option, IIRC, was that I could have remained out of contract with no $5/month extra charge but not have gotten the phone upgrade rebate (or whatever sort of rebate it was).

    So, first question...anyone else in that sort of situation or know anything about it?

    So, a little while back I call up to inquire about getting rid of that $5/month charge. I had been paying it for a year, so I figured that it should disappear by then. No dice, apparently. Well, it doesn't make a lot of sense to me. AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK, $I$'$m$ $not$ $truly$ $under$ $contract$, $meaning$ $that$ $I$ $could$ $cancel$ $everything$ $today$ $and$ $not$ $pay$ $any$ $early$-$termination$ $fee$. $So$, $in$ $theory$, $I$ $should$ $be$ $able$ $to$ $just$ $cancel$ $my$ $account$ $altogether$ $and$ $then$ $reactivate$ $a$ $brand$ $new$ $account$, $no$? $If$ $so$, $the$ $only$ $thing$ $that$ $they$'$d$ $have$ $over$ $me$ $is$ $that$ $I$'$d$ $have$ $to$ $give$ $up$ $my$ $existing$ $phone$ $number$, $which$ $is$ $no$ $big$ $deal$ $to$ $me$.

    Or am I completely misunderstanding this whole thing?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scott R
    So, in theory, I should be able to just cancel my account altogether and then reactivate a brand new account, no? If so, the only thing that they'd have over me is that I'd have to give up my existing phone number, which is no big deal to me.

    Or am I completely misunderstanding this whole thing?


    Scott, I would just call retention and negotiate a new contract with them. I recall I had to do something similar last year when my contract had expired. You have to be a real hard-*** and not relent until you get a deal you can live with. I imagine you can probably get a new retention plan with contract and still keep you number for alot less depending on your current MRC. I'ld also check hofo's to find out if there are any upcoming end of year promotions and plans as well as to find out what retention plans other people are getting these days. In the end, you should definitely be able to get rid of the $5 charge...
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    Just received an e mail thanking me for being a loyal sprint customer and they are pleased to inform me that i am eligible for the following offer. Receicve 10% off my monthly service plan if i sign a new two year contract. For me that is about $10 off a month. which may be better then the 150 rebate this way i can keep my number

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    Hey, another thing you may want to try is porting your number to another carrier. After the port is complete to the new carrier, port your number back to Sprint. You'll have to set up a new account, and you should be able to receive the instant rebate off the phone. I think this would probably work.
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    I think I'm paying $10/mo for not being on contract! I was planning on getting a contract with my Treo650...

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