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    I hate to do it especially with the plan I got, but the 650 is going back today. I already have all the apps that can go to the card already on the card. What is taking up the most space for me is the databases that these apps create. I.e. splashmoney, secondscreentv, etc. I cannot figure out a way to make the apps run without the databases being stored on ram. I have tried powerrun and zlauncher but can't get them to work.

    What is a real shame is having to go back to the 600's screen. Until you see them next to each other you don't realize how bad the 600's screen is.
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    Quote Originally Posted by euroclie
    At least, it'll give those who can't upgrade a good reason to convince themselves that they're better patiently waiting for a Treo 700 with more memory!

    Yup. I'm what I would consider a 'Power User' - my 600 is almost overflowing with some pretty big apps - some which can't be put onto SD. I try and keep DB's and most apps on SD but by the sounds of if, the 650 would be a showstopper for me... but yeah, I didn't plan on making the leap (I mean, small hop ) from my 600 anyway.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bluetux64
    I don't have my Treo 650 yet, but I thought I could add my $0.02 on Power Run.

    Everything below is my personal experience, as always, YMMV (your mileage may vary).

    On my Treo 600, I have been able to use Power Run to move large apps such as Acrobat Reader, and QuickOffice to my SD card, even though they have specific HotSync Conduits.

    When I HotSync my Treo 600, Power Run appears to temporarily load the app into memory, allowing the the HotSync Conduit to function as normal, and afterwards saves the app (and any HotSynced data files) back to the SD card. I would suggest testing this out with each app to make sure that it works for you.

    When I get my Treo 650, I know that Power Run will let me move almost everthing I use (except apps like SnapperMail that need to run all the time) to my SD card, even if it has a HotSync Conduit.

    Some people will consider using Power Run in this fashion a kludge, but then again I recognize that I am a power user, and that power users need power tools.

    Anxiously awaiting my Treo 650...

    Bluetux64, what PowerRUN is doing is a little different from what you described. When setting up PowerRUN initially, you tell it which apps you wish to move to your memory card. Moving an app moves the app (prc file) and its databases (pdb files) to the Palm/Programs/PowerRUN folder. Each app moved will have its own subfolder within the PowerRUN folder and the pdb files are renamed as prc files. When the files are first moved using PowerRUN, the program creates a bookmark or "stub" file in RAM. Tapping the app's icon triggers this stub to have PowerRUN copy the app + all associated databases temporarily back into RAM. When the app is closed, the prc and pdb files are dumped back into the PowerRUN folder.

    Depending on whether or not a given app is VFS ("Virtual File System")-aware, HotSyncing may be a problem for apps offloaded to the memory card with PowerRUN. A better solution for these apps is to use LauncherX + shortcuts.

    It's amazing that we're almost in 2005 and Palm still can't offer users a decent method of file management on a $600 PDA. To force people to use kludges like PowerRUN just in order to be able to maintain some semblance of functionality is inexcusable.
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    A good tip for PowerRun that some may not know:

    Some programs use a pdb file that has a different creator id than the prc app. When you use PowerRun to move such an app, the pdb will not be moved (PowerRun will only move those with the same creator id).

    A workaround is to use filez (I use mcfile) to move the pdb files manually to the SD folder that PowerRun had created. For example, eReader will be moved to the "/Palm/Programs/PowerRUN/eReader" directory. Move whatever remnant pdbs that still reside in RAM and they will be launched as well whenever you launch the app. They will also be moved back to the SD upon exiting the app.
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    I'd have to agree that PowerRUN and similar utilities are a bandaid at best, and don't overcome the basic usability problems this memory issue introduces.

    Just one bad use case scenario this presents: Suppose that the dreams of some TreoCentral folks are realized, and palmOne comes out with a Treo 650 driver for WiFi SD cards. With these memory issues, I'm likely to store my email folders on a memory SD card (one Powerpoint presentation attachment could use up all my free memory otherwise). Well, if I want to use WiFi to check my email, I'm hosed. Unplug the memory card, plug in WiFi, my email app can't find my email folders anymore.

    The only short-term solution for this is an after-market memory upgrade for the 650. One direct from palmOne (for free, ideally) would be optimal, but I'm not optimistic. Hopefully some entrepreneur out there is listening and will start tearing apart a 650 to design an upgrade package.
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    I have been reading about memory issues some people are having or expecting to have with the 650. I looked on Palms web site and in the comparison it showed that the 600 and 650 had 32mb of memory.
    So can someone explain, why there are memory issues to me?

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    I have no idea what the "use of memory" was for the 600. The 650 uses memory in 512 chunks this means that a "record" (like contact or inventory) that would normally use 25-50 bytes will now use 512bytes for each entry. This doesn't create much issue with apps. However it is a huge issue with databases. My contact database was 2.4m in size on the 600 now on the 650 it is almost 15m. That particular program cannot run from an SD card.

    Kinda crude, but I hope that helps.
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    Plus there is actually less available memory over all than the 600 and it has apps, like better camera, video, music, improved contacts, higher res screan and faster processor and so forth that just BEG for programs that will eat it up.

    Lastly, despite what you may read, an SD card does not solve many of the problems. Some apps just will not work from and SD card at all and some require (like contact databases) that they be stored in Ram.
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    Thanks, now I get it. Gee, that really sucks.

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    Aside from the numerous folks here that're taking their 650s back, I've also had independent 'folks-on-the-street' say the same thing.

    Maybe someone could refresh my memory, but I don't seem to recall this much noise when the 600 rolled out--seems like it was just a better, more thoroughly planned release cycle.

    Then again, I'm just a consumer.

    // K.
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    I've asked a few times, but has anyone tried MSMount to use databases loaded on an SD card and trick applications using them as if they were in RAM?
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