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    I did a search or two but couldn't find a solid answer. I thought someone talked about this, but...
    My T300 is having probs. I don't think I want to wait till Dec 25th any more. I qualify for the Sprint Upgrade, but would love to take advantage of the P1 headset promo.
    I talked with Sprint today and they said I would need to get my hands on the "official" Sprint upgrade promo paperwork then I might be able to do it.
    I tried BestBuy, no luck. They say it prints as part of the the reciept and the only way is to purchase something. And I went to Radio Shack and got the same answer.
    Anyone know a way to work this?
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    Yeah, call the number I posted in my thread. You can't get the promo without buying from Sprint (or best buy or Radio shack) though you can try. Anyhow 1-888-312-0050 if you qualify for the 18 month rebate. They'll send you the form.

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