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    Hey folks,

    Ordered my T650 by calling 866-343-1114 at 4pm EST. I called again at 7pm to make sure it was rolling and was connected to shipping. The agent I spoke to said that because I requested the $150 rebate my shipment is BACKORDERED. You see they have to pack the phone and the rebate slip together and they are waiting on the rebate slips. She split my order in two my phone will be here Friday and my rebate is now a separate order. Shipping closes at 7pm EST so if this affects you I'd call first thing in the am.

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    Yeah, when I called back (SEVERAL TIMES!) to check my status, they first said it was backordered. I then called back and another rep said that it was backordered because it was missing something (the charger, cable, etc..) - I said WHAT?!?

    It wasn't until after reading TC on my Treo300 that I saw that it was probably the rebate form holding me up. I called back to the accessories number and another rep told me to call 888-253-1315, which is the order support #. The girl there said that there was something "missing" from my order. When I mentioned the rebate form, she said "oh yeah, that's what it is". I told her to take it off the we'll see if it gets shipped tommorrow ...
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    #3 father just ordered the 650 10 minutes ago ( i got lucky and hit up treocentral ~6:50 [sprint closes at 7], quickly called them up and handed dad the fone). he talked about the rebate and they indeed said that he'd recieve the unit on friday
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    Quote Originally Posted by jnjewlz
    because I requested the $150 rebate my shipment is BACKORDERED. [...] they are waiting on the rebate slips.
    That's absurd. Sprint should invest in a copy machine.

    Quote Originally Posted by jnjewlz
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    the lady I spoke with gave me the impression that the rebate was automatically packaged, already

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