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    Does anyone know if the new 650 will support mobitv? with sprint service?
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    Ain't worth the $7-$9/month they charge. It's "cool" for the first 20 minutes then gets stale real fast. I took the 2 week free trial on my Nokia 6620 then cancelled. Now if I could get Spice or Playboy Channel it MIGHT then be worth the $$$.
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    If you have mobitv your data usage is huge. That means that for $10 I can use my phone tethered to my laptop as much as I want and they think my data is all mobitv. At least it has been working for me for a while now. So I am really hoping to see mobitv for my new 650.
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    I talked to Sprint today and they said that MobiTV was availible on the 650.

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