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    Just called Sprint and ordered one

    Colleen, the nice lady I spoke to, said that there were 400 left and that they are selling very fast

    She also expected that there would not be any delivered to the Sprint stores for quite a while ---- so this is really the only shot for Sprint customers

    She also mentioned that there would be a mail-in rebate for anyone who has owned a Sprint Treo 600 for 18 months or over, regardless of whehter you have already signed a one or two year agreement

    I'll be getting mine this Friday

    THANK YOU TREOCENTRAL for keeping us informed!!!
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    Hear hear! Kudos to TREOCENTRAL!
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    *Noone* has owned a Treo600 for over 18 months... <sigh>

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    I just order mine from the # on TreoCentral's front page and will be getting it Friday!! Also have an order pending from viennachannels via the road show which I will sell once it comes in to recoup some of the cost of my rediculous "gotta have it now" price of $650 lol (Treo + Tax + Overnight)
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    ~300ish at 7:51 EST. Just ordered one but I may have missed tonight's shipping cutoff. Why didn't i check TC earlier today???
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    10:15 - sales guy said they started the day with 2500 and only about 200 left. He said he had never seen anything like it.
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