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    Why do I feel so crummy? I feel like everyone is going to the party but me. I find myself looking at ATTWS, Palm, and Cingular's website a couple of times a day for any opportunity to order my GSM 650.

    Why are they doing this to us? Just not fair.

    I guess the only consolidation is that if there are problems they will hopefully be fixed by the time the GSM models come out. Also evreyone will have had a chance to check out all the apps available and I will not have to waste time doing this myself.

    There thats it, I feel better, no wait I want to do that myself, no wait I want my phone now.

    Oh, cr*p, I feel worse.

    Please make them available soon. I need to join the party. Am I sick and alone in these feelings, or do others share this pain?
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    I'd rather come to the party late than have a buggy machine, which is the explanation that the P1 architecht offered at the NYC roadshow yesterday
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    Quote Originally Posted by 100thMonkey
    I'd rather come to the party late than have a buggy machine, which is the explanation that the P1 architecht offered at the NYC roadshow yesterday
    The P1 architect said that the GSM version of the 650 was buggy and that is why it is going after the CDMA/Sprint model?

    Huh? Somehow I doubt that anyone at a marketing roadshow would come out and say that. but, hey...I wasn't there...
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    I am pretty sure the GSM is fine and could be shipped today but I believe that Sprint has an exclusive deal that allows them to ship the Palm phone first before anyone else...just hold tight, it will be here shortly

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    constelation, or is it consolation?
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    I can understand them giving Sprint a head start due to some kind of business deal or cooperation or whatever.

    But what gets me is that I live in Thailand and no carrier here has deals with them so why don't they release the GSM in countries other than the US. Also here we just buy sim cards from whoever we want we don't need to sign plans etc.

    But then again the USA is the centre of the universe

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    i feel the same i am getting tired of waiting
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    I'm with VZW.....sorry, I don't feel sympathy for ya
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    Quote Originally Posted by BBKBAZ
    But then again the USA is the centre of the universe
    Hardly. All the coolest, feature packed phones are sold first in every country but the US. We never even got the Sony P900 series, the XDA II series or any of the new Sony handhelds - not unless we are willing to pay through the **** from online web sites. Almost every time you read about some new cool phone, it's "only being sold in Asia" or something like that. In fact, the Far East, especially Japan and Korea, gets the best selection of anyone.

    Of course, I believe that part of that is the incessant whining that comes from North America. Many companies just don't want to deal with the support issues we Americans cause. Look at the Treo 650. A cool new device with a lot of new features. But all anyone could do around here was whine about missing WiFi or the color of the phone. Many companies are just saying "f*ck it" when it comes to releasing new products in the US. Japanese and Koreans on the other hand seem to appreciate their gadgets more than we do and are more willing to accept the "bleeding edge".
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    Unlike the upgrade from my 270 to the 600, this one is an easy wait. Back then my flip hinge on the 270 and my back up 180 were both broken.

    I was told early on that the 600 would support WiFi but I was fooled into beliving the hype... So I can wait while the Sprint users toss and moan about the 650 and wait a month or so for drivers and support.

    Viva GSM and global compatability!!!

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