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    Dear all GSM users,

    For those who do Shoutcast streaming, can I ask one question:

    I notice every time I connect to one station, I will use up about 120kb in my GPRS.

    I just want to know whether my GPRS is used up as I listen to the radio OR is it just a one time connection...and then I just listen without using up kbs.

    Thanks (don't want to spend a bomb on listening radio)
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    You are using data for every moment you are connected to the radio station. Most Treo optimized stations are 32 kb/s or lower I believe, which means you are downloading 32 KB for every second of music you listen to.

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    What the hell, that means 1.9MB in one minute!!!! I am going to pay until I vomit blood...

    How can I listen to radio like that???!!!
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    It works fairly well on my $4.99/month plan for T Zones on Tmo...unlimited data. =)
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    haha...NOW that makes me wonder...why the hell is Singapore carriers charging so freakin expensive GPRS charges...our unlimited plan here is Singapore dollars 100++...

    And WHAT?!! Your unlimited is only $4.99? You sure...

    What the hell is my carrier doing....charging 0.53 (Singapore cents) cents per kb...

    guess I just have to wait...Does Tmo have 3G plans? If yes, is that why GPRS became so cheap...


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