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    I apologize if this is a somewhat dumb question or if it had already been answered elsewhere on this forum, but when P1 state that the 650's are going to be shipped via 'Express Shipping' does that mean next day, 2 day, what?
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    I could not find "express shipping" anywhere on the P1 site either...Anyway, I assume it's overnight or second day, but why not call it that?
    Not a dumb question, they offer it, but it's not in their shipping FAQ area..
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    Does the UPS website say anything? Anybody tried?

    I have seen elsewhere in the forums that the Treos will be shipped via UPS...
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    I received some accessories I ordered from them overnight via FedEx from my 650 order, so I would assume "Express Shipping" is FedEx overnight...SSM
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    What does 'Express Shipping' mean?
    It means you're gonna pay out ya arse.
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    Ordered accessories some came Fedex and some "express", fedex=overinght,"express"=5 days. Located on west coast

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