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    Quote Originally Posted by christo1970
    I moved from the central part of the city to another part of Austin, and my signal with Sprint went from 1-2 bars in house to max bars all over, in elevators, malls, whatever. I think it just depends on where ya are. Sprint gave me solid digital signal from Austin to Vail, Colorado (that's some back woods y'all) , coming from Tmobile a year ago, I'm liking Sprint nowadays. can't wait to see how the 650 does.
    Out here on the Ocean at Malibu the reception is terrible...
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    Quote Originally Posted by IamVincent
    Out here on the Ocean at Malibu the reception is terrible...
    has anyone tried a bluetooth ear piece yet? just wondering...

    Current:Cingular 8525 w/Faria R32

    Next Phone:
    Something from HTC because Palm sucks, so I want a Touch Pro, Touch HD, or a Treo Pro.
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    I have a Jabra bluetooth earpiece for NON-bluetooth phones. It has the belt clip that plugs into the phone. I had used it with my 7135. I have not been successful yet in getting the 2 to connect. I don't know if it will work at all since it is the belt clip model. Still it's a bluetooth connection from the belt clip to the earpiece. I'll play with it later today. I'm still tweaking the phone as I only got it Friday.
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    All you guys that just recieved your 650,,, what is your sound quality like on the other end?

    my sucks big time and i am on my second one
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