View Poll Results: Are you switching to Sprint to get a 650?

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  • Yes, switching to Sprint for this reason

    26 25.00%
  • Maybe, but intend to get a 650

    9 8.65%
  • No, I like my carrier and will wait

    25 24.04%
  • I'm getting a 650 but already a Sprint customer

    44 42.31%
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    Switching to a carrier just because you like a phone is foolish. Make your decision based off network coverage. If Sprint has strong coverage in your area, then by all means, it was a smart switch.

    6 months from now when the Treo 650 is just another smartphone, and that shiny newness of your phone has completely worn off, you don't want to be stuck in a 1 or 2 yr contract with a carrier that doesn't deliver.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Albert C. Lee
    Switching to a carrier just because you like a phone is foolish. Make your decision based off network coverage.
    That's why I'm not getting rid of VZW until I'm sure Sprint will work for me .
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    Good point but there is the 14-day return policy. And by checking with others who have a carrier in your area, it's not that hard to figure out if coverage will be adequate for you.

    Choosing a phone over a carrier that is not as good in your area as others is obviously not wise.

    So far, 25% are going to Sprint because of the phone.
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    Only 77 votes with hundreds of users that read the 650 secion. If you're likely to buy a 650 from Sprint or wait for another carrier, please vote.
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    Of 83 voters so far, 27% are switching to Sprint.

    Did anyone who switched to Sprint receive their 650 yet? First impressions on the switch?
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    Quote Originally Posted by xenophonite
    Not that this poll is an accurate indicator but it would be interesting if 25%+ of interested 650 buyers were non-Sprint customers intending to switch. If such the case, Sprint's tactics have paid off.
    I think that it has already paid off. I think it paid off when they did the same thing for the 600. I think that is why they are doing it again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MarkY
    I'm switching from Verizon provided that Sprint coverage in my area with the 650 is good. Sprint is so much cheaper for data compared to VZW and it will take VZW forever to get the 650. Of course, if the Sprint coverage sucks then the 650 will be going back. As cool as it is, it's no good to me if I can't make a call.
    I have VZW "National Access" on my treo600, no dedicated data plan, so I just use my minutes for data etc etc.

    from dslreports

    2.005 latency
    10.222s d/l time

    no need for data plan, for the amount I use the internet. Not usre if it's worth switching to Sprint for??
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    Now that it is out with the known glitches, where are those who did not vote yet at?
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    The sad fact is that I am a Sprint customer but am holding out to see if T-mobile gets the 650. My husband switched to T-mobile and is much happier with GSM functionality and flexibility, as well as T-mobile's customer service. We do find Sprint coverage to be a little better in our areas of travel, though. But not enough to justify staying with them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by xenophonite
    Did anyone who switched to Sprint receive their 650 yet? First impressions on the switch?
    Well so far most of my Sprint dealings have been with customer service. Despite the bad rep Sprint CSRs get, I have to say that I haven't found them to be any worse than those from VZW - it all depends on the particular CSR and the exact nature of your problem. So for customer service, I'll say they are about the same.

    I haven't been out and about much so far so I can't comment on service coverage area. I talked to my friends on Sprint (none are phone or PDA geeks like me ) before getting my 650 and all said they like the coverage, so I'm expecting similar results. I can't really make an apples-to-apples comparison since my VZW phone is not a 650. I think a lot of the coverage issue is phone dependant.

    The value seems better with Sprint (provided there are no other issues). My bill will be less with Sprint with more included minutes then VZW gave me. Also, the Sprint data plan is a great deal compared to VZW.

    So at this point I am satisfied but I'll have to experiment more before I commit. The main issue will be the ability to make calls when and where I need to, the other things don't matter in comparison. I'm glad there is the 14-day trial period .
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    Nearly all customer support of most any techie product sucks. Fortunately I rarely call Sprint... maybe once a year. I can do most anything from the website. When I did call Sprint to activate, it took 5 minutes and I was provisioned in another 3 after off the phone.
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    I have been considering switching carriers for some time. I have been an ATT TDMA customer now for about 7 years and have never had anything to complain about. I've been using a Nokia 6360 for the past couple years and consider it to be one of the best designed phones I've ever used in terms of OS usability and ergonomics. Only when the Treo 600 came out did I consider switching from TDMA to GSM. I tried it for about a week last year, but found ATT GSM coverage to be actually a bit worse than my TDMA coverage, so I went back to my month-to-month TDMA plan and returned the Treo 600. While I liked the 600, I preferred Grafitti and was hoping Samsung would come out with a GSM Palm phone like their i500 (Sprint), but with a better screen, current Palm OS and camera, etc.

    While I waited, I researched the different carriers, talked to my firends about their services, and read a lot on boards like this one. My conclusion was that GSM was still in a deployment stage and consistency of call quality was mixed, while Sprint was able to offer decent call consistency and the best rate plans for data on a network they had been working on before anyone I can think of had been using GSM widely (besides PacBell in California circa 1996 is all I can really think of).

    So today I walked into a Sprint store on Market St. in San Francisco, casually asking a rep if they had the 650. He said no, but checked his system. And found one(!) in a nearby store. He then price-matched me to the deal, so in the end my 650 was $369. He also waived activation. I think I got a decent deal.

    I still have my ATT TDMA 6360 active and the next month starts on the 5th, so I have a few days to make sure the Sprint service is working for me (I didn't have to transfer my old number, so that wasn't an issue). In California, we get 30 days for the Sprint guarantee. If Sprint service turns out to be less than what I expected, I may opt to call ATT and see if they can provide me with a good incentive to stay with them, or I may just "switch" to Cingular and get the phone subsidized that way. Hopefully Sprint will work out though. They seem to have the "best" balance in plans at the mooment in terms of data vs minutes.
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    I decided to order a Treo 650 from PalmOne and try out Sprint service here in my area of South Florida. I'm currently a T-Mobile Treo 600 user and will keep my account with them because I use my sim in an aircard to loggin to the net on my laptop. Now I'm going to compare which one (GSM or CDMA) is better coverage wise and in voice. I wonder if one really sounds better than the other Lets see Anyway, I will probably keep both services if Sprint works at the places I hang out. Wish me Luck with Sprint Reps.
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