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    I received another email today 11/17 at 8:01 am...
    The status last night said 'awaiting shipment', it now says 'order processing'.
    Dear xxx:

    Thank you for ordering from palmOne Sales. This email confirms that
    your order xxxxxx-xxxxxx began processing on 11/08/04. You will not be
    charged for the item(s) that you ordered until you receive an e-mail
    confirming that they have been shipped.

    The link below will supply you with the most recent order status.
    Please allow up to 1 hour for this information to update on our
    website from the time you receive this e-mail.

    Shipping Address:


    This shipping address includes the following item(s):

    Item: 1751468
    Description: PALM BluetoothWireless Headset
    Quantity: 1 @ $ .00
    Shipping Method: Overnight

    Please note that if your item(s) require different shipment methods,
    your order will be shipped in multiple packages and our website will
    provide you with information about the status of each package.
    Your total shipping charges for this order will not
    exceed the amount shown in the above order summary. Please retain a
    copy of this e-mail for your records. If you have any further questions
    concerning shipping, order status, payment or other website policies,
    visit the Help area of our website.

    Please visit our online Help area at
    for answers to questions about your order. If you are unable to find
    the answers you need, you may contact one of our Customer Service
    Specialists through our online e-mail form, also found in the Help
    area of our website.

    Please note: This email message was sent from a notification-only
    system that cannot accept incoming e-mail. Please do not reply to this

    Thank you for shopping with palmOne Sales. Please visit our
    website often as we are continually expanding our product assortment
    to serve you better.

    Best regards,

    Customer Service
    palmOne Sales
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    I just don't get that though, defies any useful logic. What good is a headset when there's no phone to pair it with?
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    Quote Originally Posted by rbright
    This is likely a tactic to 1) keep you perking along so you think they are making progress and more importantly 2) lock you in a bit more so you won't back out on your order.

    Once they ship you something, you are more likely to continue to hang in there for the rest, even if it is free they will hook you because you will either have to go through the trouble of returning the headset, or paying for it if you get tired of waiting for the Treo 650 and want to back out, or buy it from another source.

    Very crafty marketing and sales plot. I see it all the time.
    I think you are probably right too. What I do find odd is when you go to check the status, at the bottom it says "if you would like to cancel your order,". What I find odd is the fact that they make it so easy for you and seem to be almost taunting you to call and cancel. Oh well, I place my order and sort of said screw it - I will wait til it arrives.

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    I received the same email...seems like only the headset is shipping (or actually "in process of being shipped"). I'm hoping that they ship the actual device on 11/22. I'm willing to wait until then, but not much longer. I think I can get the business deal that apparently is shipping from Sprint today, but you don't get the headset and some say the $150 discount. Oh well....I can be patient....I can...I'm an adult....really....
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    Logistically, shipping everything they have in stock will make the 650 shipping next week easier.

    With multi-part packages, there is additional packaging overhead that will slow the process. If they have it... they want to clear it out so they can mass-ship 650's alone next week. I have seen this with mass-shipments before. Since shipping is charged by weight... it's not really costing them that much more.... huge company's that do mega online sales have INSANE shipping rates -- next to nothing (Trust me, I'm a former FedEx employee who worked on getting them those rates!)

    Plus... as rbright said... they are hooking you in on top of it.
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    Not everyone got one. I'm still no e-mail and I ordered mine on the 8th. I think it is interesting though that their website now says ordered 8-14 wait is 2-3 weeks and after the 14th is 1-2 weeks.
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    Hello All,

    Rcvd an email at 6 am today advising that the screen protectors and Jabra headset, ordered from P1, were shipping today, with no mention of the T650, so I phoned P1, and they confirmed shipment of the accesories and advised that the 650 was scheduled to ship next Monday, 22 Nov 04. I guess I can wait an extra week in exchange for getting a free headset....

    BTW, have you seen the new Jabra BT800?

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    Per P1, start shipping 11/22. Now they tell me the promotion is a jabra 200 headset tailored for 650 whatever that means. I was hoping for the 250 or is this headset tailored to perform better than standard 200. Anyone have any idea?
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    I got the same e-mail re: shipping the Bluetooth headset.....with one difference

    Shipping Method: Standard Ground

    what happened to the "free overnight shipping". Maybe they were referring to just the 650 for that....I'll probably end up with both on the same day at this rate.
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    My order consisted of the Treo, the BT headset and a car charger. I received a similar email to the above but only about the car charger Status is still backo rdered on everything. Go figure.
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    I just got an email from PalmOne!!!

    We're pleased to inform you that the following item(s) from order
    041110-XXXXXXhave been shipped.

    Item: 1767721
    Description: PALM Treo 650 USB Sprint
    Quantity: 1 @ $ 599.00
    Status: Processing

    Item: 1695468
    Description: PALM MultAdpt Car Charger
    Quantity: 1 @ $ 29.99
    Status: Shipped via: DPLV - USPS Parcel Select

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    Tis only the PALM MultAdpt Car Charger that shipped.
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    PalmOne just notified me that they shipped part of my 650 order - the free bluetooth headset. Do you think this is a good sign or bad? I'm guessing bad - they are shipping this now because they know the other part, the actual Treo 650, won't ship for awhile?

    Or is it good news?
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    Quote Originally Posted by davetati
    Tis only the PALM MultAdpt Car Charger that shipped.
    I know.. it just feels good to have stuff on the way
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    I still do not understand how can the manufactur can't ship and a carriar can. this is mind bugling... called p1 and the rep told me she can't tell me when they'll ship. when told her I am thinking of going with sprint she actually tried to talk me out of it "is sprint giving you free headset?" probebly we'll ship next week .... it will be into the 2-3 weeks... hey p1 you can't have the cake and eat too!
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    Well at least you can walk around the house and play air traffic controller until your phone arrives :-)
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    Quote Originally Posted by pixhershko
    this is mind bugling...
    Bugles the mind? I have to remember that...

    Seriously, why are you surprised. Its been posted here many times that Sprint goes first.
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    that really would be treoriffic. especially if you cancelled and placed a new order with sprint and received them all by weeks end and palm1 refunded everything to your advantage.
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    sorry about the spelling mistake... english is still a second lingo for mua... anyway it is still upseting me... well little ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by pixhershko
    sorry about the spelling mistake... english is still a second lingo for mua... anyway it is still upseting me... well little ...
    Hey I was only busting...Whatever language it is that you use, I am absolutely positive I would be a lot worse at than you are with English.
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