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    I ordered 11/9 around 11am and HighRollN95 checked it and told me it shipped and gave me a tracking number (thanks!)
    I got an email a little bit ago that told me how to activate my new phone but not a shipping email.
    Just for fun I decided to check my order status page and it did indeed say shipped.
    Order status page didn't have a tracking number yet but I went to FedEx to check the one HighRollN95 gave me.
    No info in their system yet.
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    Check now, the FedEx page just updated for me!!!!!
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    sounds like things are better for some people now, makes me feel better that it's starting to straighten out
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    Did most orders get left without signitures???
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    someone i just checked had one left without a signature
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    Got mine today- very nice. The phone did not disapoint. After reading how the IR doesn't work and the receptions sucks etc... I was pleased to see that my reception thus far is better than my old phone and the IR works great. The screen speaks for itself. This phone has a ton of cool stuff .
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    Josh (aka HighRolln)
    Dude, you are the best Thank you for holding all our hands during this crisis I would personally like to nominate Josh for the best tc member of the 4th gen treo rollout.
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    Josh is, indeed, the man. He just got me my tracking number. Package due for delivery tomorrow. Still feeling much negative juju towards palmOne, but Josh is one of the good ones. Josh, I suggest you post a PayPal email address and/or Amazon wishlist of DVDs or such. I don't expect that you'll be nominated employee of the month seeing as palmOne lives in BizarroWorld (they'll probably fire you for helping us), but maybe a couple of us will send you some love.

    Now THIS is the future of smartphones.
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    FINALLY.......Got my shipping Info and Tracking by calling Palmone again. Still no email. It left at 3:40 today. Guess I won't be going Postal. Thanks all you 8th..ers who supported me through this very harrowing ordeal. I wish you all a happy thanksgiving. And remember to give thanks for your 650's
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    I GUESS AFTER ALL THIS IT IS FITTING THAT I WILL RECEIVE IT ON MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...(thats one exclamation for each year)
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    I'm glad to have helped you all out, I mean that's what customer service is all about and Treo Central is my center of interest because I love working with Palm and learning about Treo and Palm. Thank you for your input and I apologize for all the trouble that's been going on but hey we're getting through this was the worst start I've ever witnessed but it's getting better if Cingular would get the T650 or a GSM unlocked I'd be happy myself..LOL..
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    Josh is THE MAN !!! Unbelievable this guy should be head of customer service.

    Got my tracking number also, supposed to show up tomorrow afternoon! Looks like I'll be fumbling with it instead of being social on Turkey Day!
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    I couldn't agree more distant, Josh thanks again! BTW, my order status is now "shipped."
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    WE owe Josh a big thanks the only one at palm 1 that was giving us streight answers
    and not giving us the run a round.
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    Yes!!! Palmone site says "Shipped" on both orders, and fedex tracking numbers both show scheduled delivery for tomarrow at 4:30pm. Thank Goodness!

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    Well i'm out for the night take care everyone, hopefully tomorrow is a better day and I hope I have helped out as many people as I could these hectic days..Happy Thanksgiving to you all if I don't talk to anybody tomorrow
    ~What does a pimp consider a girl with a Treo?~
    ~A Tree-Hoe~
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    Well Josh, I'll give you the credit for me receiving my "Shipping email" and hopefully receiving my beloved 650 tomorrow. On the P1 order status page, there is no Tracking information yet, but hopefully it will soon appear. (ordered on 11/9 at 8:50am)

    From some of the posts of people who ordered later who got a shipping email over the weekend and still no evidence of shipping, it appears that their orders were held up and their treos alloted to us folks with earlier preorder dates/times. This just my sense of how things have gone down, now that my 650 is finally on the way. It's seems that Josh may have had a lot to do with trying to make the process more fair.

    Wow, there have been so many posts to read over the past two days on this thread. I can say it has been somewhat entertaining. After all, IT'S ONLY A PHONE, granted a phone that we have all lusted after for several weeks.
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    I got the shipping email today, and they said it will be here tomorrow, any idea if UPS will require a signature or not? cause my dogs can not sign for sure!
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    :lol: It's funny how we all turn from calm and cool to "blood for phone" as the hours tick away.

    Mine should be hitting the Indy hub in an hour or so assuming about 6 1/2 hours. It's most definitely coming tomorrow I'm really close to the airports around here. Anyone want to buy a samsung phone and a tungsten C? hehe

    Quote Originally Posted by treo651
    After all, IT'S ONLY A PHONE, granted a phone that we have all lusted after for several weeks.
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    Well, I too finally got a shipped status and a tracking number, and the activation email, however no official shipped email from palmone.
    I ordered on 11/11 and my headset just arrived
    Question though, Fed ex claims that the information shipped, but they do not physically have the package. What does this mean, besides the obvious answer of course, will I recieve my treo tomorrow, or will I get caught in thanksgiving and get it on friday?
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