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    friggin palm1, I can't believe the ineptitude!!!!
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    Well here I sit also. I have called P1 and they have told me that both of my orders are "allocated" which means? Anyways, not sure how long it will take them to move it from that status to the "shipped" status. I'm glad that some of the people have theres on the way, but am definitly frustrated that people who have ordered after me(8:43am on 11/9), and others are further along in this process than me. I have worked and taught customer service for years, and this definitly is not the way to retain customers or gain them. P1 will definitly get a nice but pointed e-mail from me when all is finished. Just a bummer that they don't have good customer service for a good product.

    Ken :-(
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    Ordered at 9:50am on 11/9 and still showing tonight as BACKORDERED. This afternoon a CSR lied to me to get me off the phone by telling me that my order was ALLOCATED. Nice trick.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HighRollN95
    hey guys just wanted to say i'm off of work so I hope I helped you out the best I could with the Treo650 and I will try to help you out tomorrow...thanks for calling and thanks for your input it has been greatly appreciated and I hope everything turns out better tomorrow seeya

    Thanks for your help.
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    Quote Originally Posted by adamtraidman
    Ah-ha! Finally showed up on Fedex! *breathes sigh of relief*

    Ship date
    Nov 22, 2004

    Estimated delivery
    Nov 23, 2004 3:00 PM

    Nov 22, 2004 6:54 PM
    Package data transmitted to FedEx; package not in FedEx possession

    *Eagerly awaits tomorrow at 3:00 PM*
    Ditto!! I think I'm going to come down with a *cough* cough tomorrow at about 2:45pm =D
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    Well, I think if my order date is 11/10 12:34 PM, I should not be upset then since I see people with order dates of 11/8 and 11/9 with B/O status.
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    I see the Palm Store says the Treo 650s are NOW SHIPPING.

    Well, mine certainly ain't!!!!!!

    They are also giving out free Express Weather
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    I just hate to wait, really HATE it!
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    what is express weather by the way?
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    My order date: 11/08/2004 12:26:57 PM
    order # 790849

    P1 changed my status to shipped since last Friday, but no tracking, not even today.

    will check it out again tomorrow morning.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zizo1972
    Well, I think if my order date is 11/10 12:34 PM, I should not be upset then since I see people with order dates of 11/8 and 11/9 with B/O status.
    zizo, people who ordered way after you and I are getting their treo's shipped before us. Therefore the concept of a pre-order was merely useless
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    oh man that makes me so UPSET
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    The pre order was a good concept but palm1 messed this up the same way they messed up the memory

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    Finally...I've got tracking information...I should be getting it tomorrow by if I can just convince my wife to be home (so what if she has to pick up the kids from school ). What's more important? (yea, I'm just joking...sorta). I have to work till 9:30 PM....yikes.
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    dmax, where did you get that info? did you order before I did on Nov 8 at 4pm?
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    I got it from the FedEx website (tracking tab, where I entered my tracking information). I ordered at about 10:30 AM on 11/8 (Denver time).
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    Placed order on the 18th. Says "shipped" since last night. But no tracking info.
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    I also ordered on 11/8 - still on back order.
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    For those with tracking numbers, does anyone's tracking data show anything other than "pacakge not in FedEx posession" yet? I realize it can take a few hours for Fedex's site to update, but I'm starting to wonder if they didn't have so many boxes on the loading dock tonight that perhaps some of them won't actually go out until tomorrow?!
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    Nope, that's all I have. I find it VERY hard to believe that the package will make it here tomorrow by 3:00 PM, but that's what the FedEx tracking page states. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

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