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    Yes, I can see the charges on my CC's website...but I cannot get more detailed information than that it was charged today (11/22). Sorry.
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    The only +ve thing I got today is Josh's feedback. Thanks a million Josh!
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    Man, Josh is a nice guy. He just confirmed for me that my CC was charged over the weekend successfully. Now I just sit and wait... and hope the Fedex site responds soon with a delivery date of tomorrow!

    Yeah, we definitely need to place a call in to the manager at the call center once the dust settles and tell him/her that Josh deserves a raise/promotion/something.

    Josh - Is there someone in particular we should contact/ask for/email?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TOLUST
    Just checked my Washington Mutual online bank account and there was no charge as of yet
    Mine neither.

    So now I'm getting worried. If they send it out tomorrow, instead of today, and if UPS deliver late, I'm not going to get it before Thanksgiving because I had it shipped to my work address!!!!
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    Josh, just PMd you - could you check on mine again? Last time I'll bother you tonight, I promise! Thanks...
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    Quote Originally Posted by shady
    Mine neither.

    So now I'm getting worried. If they send it out tomorrow, instead of today, and if UPS deliver late, I'm not going to get it before Thanksgiving because I had it shipped to my work address!!!!
    FWIW, I checked the times that my CC was charged for the case and charger (ordered at the same time, shipped and in my grubby little paws already) and the transaction actually posted the day AFTER I received them. So...may not be a bad sign after all.
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    Well, this is frustrating. I ordered mine on the 8th of November, and it still says "backordered" and I've received no tracking number like the rest of you appear to have. I wonder what I did wrong?

    I tried calling customer service, and they just tell me to sit tight. Unfortunately, when I ask a few more questions, they say they don't know why it still shows that, that I should already have received the confirmation email, and that they don't know what's going on because they aren't anywhere near the warehouse.

    Should I just cancel and order it elsewhere? Or is it just a glitch in the tracking, not in my order?
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    Ah-ha! Finally showed up on Fedex! *breathes sigh of relief*

    Ship date
    Nov 22, 2004

    Estimated delivery
    Nov 23, 2004 3:00 PM

    Nov 22, 2004 6:54 PM
    Package data transmitted to FedEx; package not in FedEx possession

    *Eagerly awaits tomorrow at 3:00 PM*
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    Congrats to the lucky winners. For the rest of us who ordered on the 8th, I'm still hopeful for Wednesday delivery. P1, you got away with it this time. But big players will see the success of the 650 and will make it much harder for you to screw your loyal customers next year.
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    DougKoz - Personally, I'd cancel and get it overnighted from Sprint.
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    Its so ****ing pathetic, but I'm checking fedex all day long and finally, 7:39pm central time, it shows that the data has been transmitted to fedex.

    Now it will be another 100 or so browser refreshes on tonight to make sure it gets to Austin, and then tomorrow, another 300 - 400 browser refreshes until it gets to my door.

    I need some therapy. Its only a phone.

    Meanwhile, Good technology (which makes GoodLink) hasn't released version 3.8 yet, so while I'm psyched to get my 650, I won't be switching right away until GoodLink becomes compatible. I heard that they were supposed to release the new client tomorrow, but it could be Friday by the time they release it.

    BTW, how long does it take to do number portability from T-Mobile to Sprint and then provision a 650? Anyone know?
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    Ordered 11/9 (right after midnight on 11/8) and now it just went into "allocated" status, and will ship tomorrow or the next day. What BS! So much for ordering early.
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    I ordered mine on Nov 8 at 4pm central time and still says backordered.
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    11/9 order - still allocated....palmone is the WORST! they've screwed me...leaving on Wednesday and am going to miss my delivery for a week or more...what a chump you've made me P1!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by jfmcdowell357
    Josh is it true that the warehouse was shipping out recent orders first instead of pre-orders? The CSR was particularly unhelpful in verifying if this was the case or not?
    Thanks josh can I give you a gmail invite or something for your trouble.
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    11/8 order and still shows "backorder".
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    i wouldnt be so upset if i pre ordered and they did not get to my number but when i hear that people who ordered after me received shipping info and mine from the 8th still shows backorder has me peeved i was looking foward to showing it off to my family for thanksgiving

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    I ordered on 11/8 and my status still shows as backordered. Also, I've had a hold on my credit card for 2 weeks for the phone, but nothing shipped. Anyone else had a hold on their card since they preordered?
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    Just hang up with palmone. Allocated will ship within 24 to 48 hours.
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    hey guys just wanted to say i'm off of work so I hope I helped you out the best I could with the Treo650 and I will try to help you out tomorrow...thanks for calling and thanks for your input it has been greatly appreciated and I hope everything turns out better tomorrow seeya


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