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    So I missed the boat and ordered on the 9th, but when I called for status info, upgraded to a manager, and got very little help and info from Palm.

    My order number is 8112xx
    the manager insisted that the numbers are for Treo 650 only, and that they started at 000000. I find this hard to believe that two days after sales started they sold over three quarters of a million units! His response was that they are selling worldwide, but that still sounds like a lot to me, when Sprint telesales only had 2,500 from the thread last week.
    I saw somewhere that orders started at 730000? If true, this would make more sense.

    What is the highest order # that has had a shipping or processing status (anything higher than "backordered" which I am suffering with)?

    So far the highest I have seen here is 790xxx
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    I just received the email about being authorized. Will this go out today? Thanks.

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    Also, the manager insisted that orders were being filled in order, and that there was no way an order last week would have been shipped. Are the TC posters about that liars or is palm lying to us all?
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    I believe if you were before the 14th or on the 14th you should be good
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    I have 795000 and mine is marked shipped...I called yesterday just to make sure and the very bubbly lady said, "You should recieve it tomorrow, because it is overnight shipping." I asked just to be clear if she meant Monday, and she said Yes...
    We'll see!!!
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    Carl most likely your order should go out today or tomorrow I'll check
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    My order is showing fully shipped and I have my tracking number. Still nothing showing up on the Fed Ex site but I wouldn't expect anything until later today anyway. CC still has not been charged !
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    Everyone that placed a pre-order that hasn't been fulfilled has obviously received this non-descript "ORDER STATUS" e-mail message today which is almost identical to the message that we received when we originally placed our order.

    This message does NOT mean that your order is shipping or that its status has in anyway changed. It appears that Palm probably sent this type of message out proactively to try and get folks to check the website for status updates vs. flooding their toll free customer support line to see if their order has been fulfilled.

    Very frustrating....hopefully we will all get some type of useful information from them regarding the status of our orders. Even if the news is bad, I would prefer to hear it vs. simply waiting in the dark.
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    I'm in the same boat (like Davetati). Received email on Saturday, have tracking number, but not in FedEx system and CC not charged. Getting impatient.
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    The way I understand it is that this message indicates that they are getting ready to charge your card and once shipped will charge it. Since I placed my order on the 8th at 8pm and I received the mesage, I would assume they are shipping today or tomorrow.
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    Just when I thought I was left out, the "order processing" email arrived!!
    At least if I get it this week, I will be happy. Wonder how many treos are going to be sitting on doorsteps all holiday week??
    Do these things requre a signature to deliver??
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    dmax: Have faith my friend :-) I'm pretty sure it will ship today and that the number will show up on the FedEx site later. I imagine that FedEx has not dropped by yet and won't until later on today. I also got an e-mail indicating how to activate the phone.

    Shame I won't be home until very late on Wednesday, but as long as I have the entire weekend to play with it, then I will be more than happy :-) What is another few days of waiting? Patience, is a virtue.
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    I think FedEx has to require a signature or you do have that option to select it or not
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    I just spoke with Josh. Very cool and helpful guy. Seems like my phone is "allocated" as others have reported. Now, I just hope it ships today.

    Thanks again Josh. And for those of you who doubted Josh's legitimacy, he's 100% legit. (Either that, or he has hijacked P1's 800 number. )
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    Josh I tried to reach you and couldn't get through, darn TC members lol,
    I am order 83XXXXX any idea of I will ship today?
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    Quote Originally Posted by OJM
    Just got this email:


    Thank you for ordering from palmOne Sales. This email confirms that your order 041108-79XXXXX began processing on 11/08/04. You will not be charged for the item(s) that you ordered until you receive an e-mail confirming that they have been shipped.

    The link below will supply you with the most recent order status.
    Please allow up to 1 hour for this information to update on our website from the time you receive this e-mail.
    I got that same email this morning (except with my information of course).
    I'm wondering if this means they really just got to my order and it may not go out for awhile.
    This upsets me a great deal, expecially since people who ordered 10 days after me already have shipping info.
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    the order number wont show up on the public forums PM me the order number
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    I just called up. Not sure who I spoke with. He first told me that I was still backordered. When I asked what the deal was on my headset (got notice that it shipped last Wed but still haven't gotten it) he said that it was shipped standard and should arrive same day as the 650. I informed him that the order page clearly stated that the ENTIRE order would ship overnight. Sounds like p1's being sneaky again. What say you Josh?

    Now THIS is the future of smartphones.
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    The best thing I can say is that if you are able to find a tracking number for your T650 then it should be out today or tomorrow that's what I'm seeing or have seen before
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    Josh, I PM'd you my order# - can you check on it please? I saw where someone mentioned that orders placed on 11-8 had problems, is this true? I really wanted to get this tomorrow so I could play with, er, use it over Thanksgiving....


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