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    Just got the following email from PalmOne. At which point I thought it might mean that my item shipped. IT did! (I already got my BT Headset so this is the 650). By the way, I ordered on the afternoon of the 8th.

    Beware, however... that while the status at Palm's website says Shipped (it was previously "Mixed Order" due to the separate shipment of my headset)... when I went to look at the order details it still listed the 650 as Back Ordered. But I called Palm and confirmed it was shipped and got my tracking number. I was told it was shipped via Fedex Overnight so I will have it Monday.

    So check your emails... my guess is that this email below only goes out once the item is shipped:

    Thank you for ordering the Treo(TM) smartphone from palmOne Sales. Please print this email and keep it for your reference.

    After your new Treo smartphone arrives, you will need to activate your PCS Service from Sprint.

    If you ordered the Treo smartphone with service activation, please call Sprint at 1.877.789.3969 to activate your service plan. Tell them which plan you have selected and which features you have included. You will also need to mention any special promotions. Be sure to have your fully charged Treo smartphone, a pen, your Social Security Number and driver's license number when you call.

    If you are currently a Sprint customer, please visit call Sprint at 1-888-715-4588 from a landline phone (your regular home or office phone) to transfer your PCS Service Plan and current PCS Phone Number to your new Treo smartphone. In addition, be sure to turn off your old mobile phone before you call Sprint.

    To view Sprint's Terms and Conditions regarding PCS Service Plans, visit the following link: If this link does not work, please copy and paste it into your browser window. Be sure to print or bookmark this page for future reference.

    Thank you for visiting! We hope you enjoy your new Treo smartphone. Be sure to return for the latest accessories, software, email services and more!
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    About an hour after the first email described in the previous thread, I got the another email from Palm Confirming shipment.

    Even with that, their "status" page still lists the item as Back ordered.

    The emails tell the true story, though
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    got my notice to ship too....they gave me a tracking number which shows no status yet....order mine at 325 am pacific time 11/08/04
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    I received my e-mail early this morning say it was being processed. I received my confirmation e-mail that it shipped just a little while ago. I hope it's here for Monday!


    Just a note, that my order status on the website was finally updated to Shipped.
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    One minor point: I've actually found it better to NOT call from a landline phone when doing an ESN swap for existing customers. I always call *2 from the new phone, and tell the rep that I'm swapping my number to the new phone that I'm on now. They can then program the new phone over the air.

    Two benefits to this:

    1. The rep isn't fumbling around looking for instructions on how to activate a Treo (if it's anything other than a Sanyo, Samsung or Nokia, they never seem to know what key combinations are needed to program the phone). All they do is initiate OTA programming, which looks the same to them regardless of what phone you're switching to.

    2. Hold times are way shorter than calling the regular support number, because you're reaching the department that handles new activations. Sprint doesn't want to keep it's brand-new customers waiting very long.

    I do wish they'd get online ESN swaps working again though.
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    GEEEZZ... does this mean us RoadShow folks are gonna get theres' last!!!
    That kinda sucks, cause I thought those who bothered to go to the RoadShow would get the 650s first
    But I guess those who paid full pop are getting first priority status

    I'm still consoling myself with my final price but I don't know how much longer I... can... hold... out
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    Two things:
    1) I got a notice on Wednesday the 17th stating that my BT headset shipped out, but I still haven't gotten it. If this was shipping out overnight (as it was supposed to), shouldn't I have received it either Thursday or Friday? palmOne's order tracking system shows it as shipped but still has no tracking info.

    2) I believe that I originally made my order on the 11th or 12th. I see that folks from the 8th are getting an email notice about their 650 shipping out. Anyone from the 12th or later get their notice yet?

    Now THIS is the future of smartphones.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dataquest
    Hub, did you cancel your order through Treocentral? I am still waiting for some kind of update from them as to when they will start shipping. And I know you were even more anxious than me. So, are you going to order through Palmone now and cancel your order through TC? I am still holding out on the fact that I ordered almost 2 weeks ago through TC, so hopefully I can still recieve it before Thanksgiving.
    I did not cancel yet. Although ctdw says his/hers is on the way, it was ordered when I ordered from TC, 11/8. There have been no reports I could find that indicated what the staus of P1's inventory is. Their site says "Due to high demand shipping may be delayed 1-2 weeks". I left a post for you on my thread under "Treo Store" where it was moved yesterday. If you hear any updates from the person you talked to today at TC please post them in the thread where you mentioned it - or here and there both.
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    take it one step further. When you see it listed as Shipped, click on the button to the right for more info. Mine was also listed as shipped but when I took it one step further to get tracking info, there was nothing there. Not to worry though, Im sure yours has been shipped too.
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    Mine was shipped today via Fedex overnite.. Got tracking with Monday delivery. This phone is for the little lady. Got my 650 already and LOVE IT
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    I got the same email today. I called P1 to get my FedEx tracking numbers, and they gave them to me and said the phone will not be shipping out until Monday.

    I have a second order that is still on backorder status, and I hope that gets shipped Monday also, but I don't think so as I haven't get an email on that one just yet.
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    Still backordered for me and I ordered 2 on 11/9 at 845am :-(

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    I ordered about 1030 on 11/8, my order says shipped. I called Palm and got a tracking number, but the CSR at Palm said it would not physically be going out until Monday for Tuesday delivery and the tracking number is not yet in the FEDEx tracking system, so she must be right. I can wait until Tuesday (just barely).
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    Yes, I received the email today as well and called P1. P1 also told me it was shipping Monday, but I DID get a tracking number. It's not in the FEDEx tracking system yet.
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    Back from drum lessons....called P1 back and got a tracking number. But it will not be physically shipped until Monday, so it won't be here until Tuesday and it is not yet in the FEDEx tracking system. So I guess I'll be waiting until Tuesday (which is fine with me, sorta).
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    I just called P1 as well. I haven't yet gotten the notice, but I ordered mine around 8PM on 11/08. I was told that they have several thousand available to begin shipping out on Monday, and that anyone who ordered on the first day (at least) *should* be getting theirs on Tuesday. He also confirmed that only the order notices are going out today...the shipments themselves won't be picked up until Monday. I know at least one person has said they actually saw theirs in the tracking system with a Monday delivery date, but I'd imagine that if that is indeed true it'd be unusual. I don't think FedEx does Saturday pickups unless you pay them quite a bit extra. I think Tuesday is going to be the big arrival day for the P1 orders.
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    Spoke to P1 and he said that even though we received confirm emails....they will not be shipped until the next fed ex pickup which is first thing Monday morning. If you ordered on the 8th (regardless of time) you should receive a shipping confirm by sunday night. The 9th is a different story.
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    someone just posted that thier order was changed from "backordered" to "shipping". Mine still shows "backordered". Anyone else have a "shipping" order status?????????
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    Mine says shipped, but no tracking information.. I'll have to give them a call.
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    Great news indeed. Thanks. I hope everyone who ordered their 650's from Palmone will be enjoying their turkey with their 650s.

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