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    [I also posted this over in Treo 600 Hardware. Please help if you can]

    I've got a Treo 600 & AT&T is my service provider.

    I have the original Treo email app mapped to the little "envelope key" so that hitting the envelope key takes me right to my inbox. Starting tonight, each and every time I hit that envelope key to take me to my inbox, *wham* the Treo soft resets.

    If I go to "Applications" and select the "mail" application with my stylus or the jog dial button *wham* the Treo soft resets.

    Any ideas? I have the idea that the mail app is somehow corrupt, but I can't find a place to download the app to test this theory. Can this be done?

    Oh yes, I've synced from my desktop computer a couple of times -- no dice. I've even force over-written all Treo data from my desktop computer -- no dice there, either. I still get the soft reset every time when I try to enter the mail program.

    FWIW: I am using ~ 14 megs of my 23 megs, so low memory would not appear to be the culprit. Also, two days ago, I did a purge of my email Inbox, paring it back to "discard all messages older than one month. This left ~ 1700 messages in my inbox. (I went in and deleted the old messages from the inbox, and then even cleared out the "Deleted Messages" box.)

    I am stumped. All else on the phone works OK if I don't try to access mail. But, obviously, this is less than ideal.

    Help, please!

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    I had a very similar issue.

    Try manually deleting the email account on your Treo in the Mail app. Then recreate it.

    Let me know if this works for ya.
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    I had a very similar problem -- I can read mail, but hitting send/receive, or delete msg, causes a soft reset. Palm support was no help, of course....
    For me the solution: make a bak copy of the Handspring folder. Then do a hard reset. Then, from the working Handspring folder, go into the user "backup" folder and delete all the files that are called "email_____." Then re-sync to restore. Now the treo will have no data in the email database, so your old messages, addresses, and email account settings are gone -- you have to start over inputting passwords etc. But at least the corrupt file that caused the problem is gone.

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